An Optician’s New Year’s Resolutions

As the year comes to a close and 2020 approaches I decided to do something that I normally do not, create a series of New Year’s resolutions. Not the customary resolutions of lose weight, exercise more or pay off my debt, but resolutions that I felt I actually could accomplish; resolutions surrounding my career as an optician.

I resolve to cherish the confidence that my customers manifest in me when they entrust me with their vision. It is their most precious possession and I will not betray that trust by giving them something that they cannot benefit from. During my day to day work, I often forget that I am actually blessed to be helping others see. I get caught up in numbers and sales and goals and I need to revisit on a regular basis the memory of what it’s like to enable a child to see for the first time or the elderly customer who is able to revisit their love of reading.

I resolve to learn more. I will learn more about the science of optics, the lenses that are available whether they are for sale by me or by others, and at least one area of the field that I am unfamiliar with. A knowledgeable optician is a better optician and I will be better able to meet all of their visual needs, whether by through my practice or another’s if I broaden my knowledge base.

I resolve not to undervalue the investment I have made in myself in time, skills and money. I will become better at marketing myself and my practice and not forget that I, myself, have value.

I resolve to foster a demand for better quality in eyewear. I will show everyone who walks in my door the advantages that my knowledge, service, and products will give them. The browser, the internet shopper and the return patient will all receive the same level of care and time. Even if they are not a customer today, they may be tomorrow’s customer.

I resolve to manage my stress. I will remember that my life is more than work and that I must make time for my family, my friends and myself. I am more than an optician and I need to remember to do those things that make me and those around me happy.


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