AnnAcronista – New Limited Edition Eyewear From Bayria

Bayria Eyewear AnnAcronista

Bayria Eyewear pays homage to the creative genius of Anna Piaggi, the “mad variable” as Franca Sozzani nicknamed her, with AnnAcronista, a limited edition produced in just 100 pieces, combined with a hat created by Pasquale Bonfilio, an Apulian milliner with an established Milanese atelier, whose creations are requested by Paris Hilton, Rossy de Palma, Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci, Miss Keta, Achille Lauro, Donatella Rettore.

Bayria Eyewear AnnAcronista,

AnnAcronista is a butterfly optical frame, in black acetate, contrasted with a beige plate. Imperceptible diggings allow the underlying color to come out in the thickness immediately before the lens and in the side, where a thick rod with an irregular and pointed shape contrasts the delicacy of the front part. The combination of black and beige refers to the colors of the printed paper on which her words flowed, while the butterfly shape, graceful and floating, is an invitation to freedom of expression, without limits and constraints.
A timeless model, like Anna Piaggi, is capable of going beyond the folds of styles that have followed one another in the history of fashion, interpreting them and making them her own. Never too much, always different and elegant.

Bayria Eyewear AnnAcronista,

The Bonfilio hat combined with this frame is also in beige and black, made of 40 pieces of recycled paper, with a metal core, which allows the brim to be modeled and take on different shapes from time to time.

About Bayria Eyewear

Bayria, as the name of the city of Bari in ancient times. A city nicknamed “the gateway to the East”, where the Art Nouveau style mixes with oriental influences, interrupted by Baroque touches along with a cosmopolitan and underground style. These realities have always coexisted in Bari: avant-garde and tradition, research and style together with craftsmanship. It is precisely this mix of extremely connotating influences that the Bayria collection brings to eyewear. The series of glasses is a real tribute to the Apulian Art Noveau, in which Baroque and Oriental influences converge. Small characterizing details that are perfectly integrated into a contemporary language, with essential lines, in which traditional techniques and advanced technologies meet. The new and the old come together in a collection with a sophisticated taste.

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