App For Blind Drivers And Bikers

Ray GoProject RAY, leaders in smartphones for the blind, launch RayGo – for  using your apps while driving or biking without ever looking at your  phone.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month. In it’s honor, Project RAY has launched their newest device, extending their patented eyes-free  technology for the blind to drivers and bikers everywhere.

RayGo a 5-key Bluetooth controller that is mounted on the steering wheel, and  the RayGo mobile app that converts your favorite apps to DriveMode: a simplified version of your pre-existing apps, that let’s you use them, while driving, without  ever looking at your phone.

Project RAY launched an Indiegogo campaign earlier this month to allow people to pre-order RayGo at introductory prices (Early Birds $39-55 instead of $79  retail value).

RayGo monitors movements of the steering wheel as well as your speed and location adapting in real-time to the driving conditions. When the driver is busy, RayGo holds back notifications, pauses message playbacks, and even speaks slower when necessary, protecting you from the urge to multi-task, and focusing your attention on the road.

Michael Vakulenko, founder of RayGo says: “Smartphone usage on the road has become a serious problem and a real safety hazard. While working on the RAY smartphone for the blind, it suddenly hit us that the solution to this problem has been in our hands all along… Eyes-free technology can help more than just the blind.” 

About Project RAY 


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In 2011, Project RAY set out to bring smartphones and all that they offer to the  blind and visually impaired. In cooperation with  program we created an affordable smartphone device tailored for the unique  needs of eyes-free operation.

Project RAY allows the visually impaired community to take part in the global revolution of the smartphone to a world that was once exclusively visually  focused. This product has drastically improved the lifestyle of thousands.

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