Arcobaleno by Lookkino: The Future Is In Color

LOOK-made in Italia introduces ARCOBALENO, the series of premium optical frames for kids by LOOKKINO, designed and made for the younger set.

The message of optimism and hope conveyed through the New Rinascimento campaign ‒ in which the company makes an appeal to experience our times as a rising from the difficulties of the last few years ‒ is now expressed in an explosion of color with styles that convey fun and the joy of living.

ARCOBALENO is the new series of six iconic LOOKKINO frames launched in a special edition that, as the name implies, takes inspiration from the colors of the rainbow ‒ graphic images of children’s earliest creative expressions, and much more. The rainbow appears when the sun comes out after a storm and everyone who sees it stops what they’re doing to enjoy it. Rainbows have the power to instantly take us to a timeless state of serenity. It becomes a universal image symbolic of peace, almost like a moment in which to find refuge: as play is to a child.

Arcobaleno by Lookkino colors

The front, made of NIL ‒ an advanced technopolymer for ultralight eyewear ‒ comes in solid colors reminiscent of the color spectrum of the rainbow, while the temples in Xinox ‒ a special alloy of hypoallergenic non-toxic steel ‒ are shaded with a delicate hounds-tooth texture. The result is a lightweight, comfortable, fun frame to narrate the world through a child’s eyes and at the same time launch a message of confidence through those who represent our future.

Arcobaleno by Lookkino colors for kids

LOOKKINO eyewear by LOOK-made in Italia adhere to specific technical and aesthetic guidelines in order to meet children’s needs in terms of quality, safety and image. The materials are 100% non-toxic and hypoallergenic and the production cycle maintains excellent standards throughout its entire course. This translates to strict control of each production phase, in compliance with specific eyewear standards for eyewear applicable to medical devices.

All LOOKKINO frames are traceable because they’re developed, designed, and produced in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.

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