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The Optical Journal has more visitors every month than most of the print magazine websites have all year.

So why aren’t you in The Optical Journal?

Be Seen Every Day, All Day Long!  Advertise With Us!

Our advertising is a fraction of the cost of the print magazine websites as we don’t need to subsidize the postal service and expensive overhead costs.

A large in-column display ad on a print magazine website runs just over $100 per thousand (impressions). If your ad were to appear to all their readers in a month you would be billed close to $5,000 for that month. If their website had as many visitors as The Optical Journal, you would be billed over $16,000 for the month for that one ad, using their rate card. Our Feature Banner costs just $750 per month. Your effective cost per thousand? A paltry $4 CPM.

Make your marketing dollar for a lot further by partnering with The Optical Journal.

Be Seen When You Have Something To Share!

Want to be part of our coverage? Easy! Send us your press releases. Send us information about new releases, new colors, new styles, new news. We read every press release to pick the best information our readers, listeners, and viewers want to and need to know. It costs you nothing but a little time to keep us and our followers up to date on you and your products or services.

As a very visually oriented news website in a very visually oriented profession, in an extremely visually oriented world, we prefer you send a lot of large images with your press releases. No story runs in The Optical Journal without an image at least 900 pixels or larger. While we accept text in most any format, we greatly prefer plain text or Microsoft Word over PDF press releases. Keep us in mind whenever you have news to share and let us help you get the word out.

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