Are You X-Rated? The Consumer Wants to Know

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Have you ever checked out what the consumers say about you and your services? If you haven’t I highly recommend you do so. You see, it doesn’t make any difference what you think, it’s what the consumer thinks. Just Google optical/optometrist/opthalmogist ratings in your city and see what they say.

Here is the reviews of my ex-dentist. I wish I had checked him out first because I had a awful experience. But I went to him because He was ‘in my plan”. Never again will I try a new medical doctor without checking reviews.

Don’t think that this will affect you? Check out some of the below sites and see what the consumer says about you. Below are the review stats on Dr. Katnick. Talk about bad press.

  • Dr. Oogle– has 43 reviews of Dr. Katnick
  • San Diego Childrens has 16 Reviews for Dr. Katnick
  • Kudzu– Has 7 reviews for Dr. Katnick
  • Mercant Circle- has 0 reviews for Dr. Katnick
  • Open List– Has 19 reviews and only 68% like Dr. Katnick  (
  • From Yelp:

Review 1

I’m trying to leave this experience behind me so I’m afraid I’ve forgotten some important names. Dr. Katnik himself seems nice enough, but my whole experience was TERRIBLE! I hate to write a bad review about this place ONLY because they are one of the few who accept HMO dental  insurance. Still, the price isn’t as much of a discount as you might think and the work you get it FAR INFERIOR! I saw one of the associates (Was his name Morgan?Larson?) who seemed nice enough, but then the procedure (prep for a crown) took SO LONG (approx3.5hrs) that he left the office while the hygenist finished up.

I wasn’t satisfied with the terribly uncomfortable temporary I was left with, and my doctor was nowhere to be found.I asked to see whichever doctor was still around, and he was clearly angry at having to speak with me.  He told me I had no choices and that “we do things the way we want to, not the way you want us to”.  We were actually arguing with raised voices and everything.  It was amazing!

He never asked me if there was anything he could do to make me happy and when I told him that the way he was speaking to me was completely unacceptable, he said “What do you think, Dr. Katnik is going to fire me!?  I’ve been here xx years!!”.Well, actually, I  didn’t realize that was even an option but now that you mention it…I had to go back to get the temporary adjusted (by Dr Katnik himself) and he tried to smooth over the situation but acknowledged that the doctor in question doesn’t have a very nice bedside manner.  WHAT!!!???  You’re in charge and you don’t send someone for remedial “bedside manner” lessons? You just excuse their behavior and move on!?
Not my idea of good business practices.  These people work inside your mouth!!

To add insult to injury, the not-so-nice woman whose job it is to call your insurance and work up your estimate, overcharged me $100!  She works with my insurance company 50 times a day, and doesn’t know the max she’s allowed to charge?  I think not.  I had to call my insurance company to call them and tell them they’d over-charged me (it’s not automatic-if you don’t notice, the charge stands).  Then it took months to get a refund because (they claim) they only write checks once a month and the day for that month had already passed.  Sheesh!
So, decide for yourself whether it’s worth the trouble.  You can get a somewhat friendly to horribly unfriendly doctor to do questionable work that takes all day and get overcharged all for the opportunity to save $100-$200 over other insurance companies.
Oh, I forgot to mention that the nicer doctor (in a misguided attempt to make small-talk) made fun of the client in the room next to me!

Review 2

I don’t know about you, but I need a caring dentist for my precious teeth. These guys are butchers! The owner, dds Katnik wanted to pull my tooth out right there on the spot, and I said no, so I get younger guy dds Olsen, and while he was fixing my tooth, he was bragging to his boss, that he took care of seven patients in one hour!!!? Can you believe that? I mean I went to business school, and come on – these guys do not care about your teeth, all they care is the profit. Needless to say I didn’t go to same dentist

Review 3

One word, Crowns. That is what they love to do here. The place is dingy and rundown and everything takes hours to complete. Although everyone is nice you feel like you are being herded and rushed from one area to the next. No personal attention and no real quality service. I had three regular check-ups and after I became tired of Katnik’s poor quality dental services I switched to another dentist who found 10+ cavities in my mouth.  I’ve had to hold the tools for the hygienist and shuddered with pain as she flossed my teeth with such intensity that I got tears in my eyes. You’ve been warned.

Review 4

I have gone here for 5 years or more even referred someone and man I will never go back. Everytime I was on time or early for my appts but, was never seen for 20-30 minutes past that. It is a assembly plant there and every time I mentioned a pain he would just over look it (katnik). Just like the other person said the cleanings were also a shower. My fiance went for years and nothing came up until we moved to L.A. and now he has 5 fillings but, I warned him years ago about Katnik. I did find a nice, young dentist there before I moved. But, Katnik is old and his practices are too. Also, I was billed for insurance covered items and they got upset because I chose to pay them once I got paid and sent nasty letters blah blah…Oh and my pain that he brushed off was the tooth next to my canal needed a crown.

Yes, they like big money because they told me they don’t do bonding but, veneers since veneers are more and I was like no thanks you are not making

Review 5

This was the most UNPLEASANT dentist visit I have ever been on. My hygienist clearly wasn’t interested in my comfort while she was cleaning my teeth. The water that was shooting out of the cleaning tool was spraying all over my face and the water sucking tool wasn’t doing its job – water literally sprayed on my shirt. WTF?

In addition to that, the X-ray technician would speak so fast and rush me all over the office. There was no personal interest in me as a patient. It was unbelievable. I would never go back there again. Being passed on to one person to another (min. 10 ppl during my visit) was very annoying.