Asbury Warlock Goggle Review For Winter 2011

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From Easy LoungeIn: One way to tell if a new company is doing well is whether or not their product line is expanding. That is exactly what Ashbury Eyewear is doing with their new goggle frame; the Warlock. Ashbury is currently in their second season with their eyewear line and up until now has only offered one frame choice; the Kaleidoscope. For 2011, the Warlock frame is definitely going to be a hot item.

The Warlock goggle is cool because each colorway is a different rider’s pro model.  Riders with pro models include Joe Sexton (orange frame with palm tree strap), Nick Dirks (black frame with sport inspired striped strap), Louie Paradise (dark green frame with palm tree strap), Zac Marben (black art frame with slayer text strap), and finally LNP (white frame with slayer text strap).  The Warlock differs from the O.G. Kaleidoscope frame in pretty much one way. Frame shape. The Warlock frame is slightly less wide than the Kaleidoscope and slightly taller as well. This new frame fits people with long faces or smaller heads. I myself have a larger head (7 and 5/8) and I still found the Warlock to offer a wide field of vision….

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