Asian Eyewear Manufacturers Can Participate At VisionPlus EXPO 2021 Despite Travel Restrictions


VisionPlus EXPO 2021 is giving eyewear manufacturers a chance to reach out to prospective buyers from across the globe through its state-of-the-art hybrid booth with a dedicated virtual pod.

Ensuring that opticians do not miss out on the chance of participating in one of the biggest celebrations of eyewear in the region, VisionPlus EXPO 2021 is offering a golden opportunity in the form of Project Hybrid.

As part of this, eyewear companies from Asia can showcase their optical products through a hybrid booth — a dedicated space where they can have their latest collection displayed physically at the exhibition venue, and connect with the buyers at the exhibition virtually at the click of a button.

Each booth will have a hi-tech virtual communication pod through which exhibitors can speak to the customers, interact with them and conduct business like they would at a regular optical trade exhibition. All this without traveling to Dubai.

VisionPlus EXPO will also be providing a dedicated hostess for each hybrid booth to handle customer queries and ensure seamless connectivity.

Here is what participating eyewear companies stand to gain through Hybrid booths at VisionPlus EXPO:

  1. Exposure to global optical buyers visiting VisionPlus EXPO 2021, in Dubai
  2. A state of the art, technologically empowered booth where exhibitors can showcase the latest in their portfolio without being there physically
  3. A chance to let customers experience the touch-feel factor of eyewear, eyewear cases, or other accessories on display
  4. Impress prospective customers with a virtual communication pod equipped with a high-speed 5G network

VisionPlus EXPO Hybrid Booth

Project Eyewear

Another highlight at VisionPlus EXPO 2021 is their highly affordable 6sqm booths in the Project Eyewear featured area.

This promises to give budding eyewear designers a chance to showcase their latest designs to the creme de la creme of the optical trade community visiting Dubai.

The aspiring designers can put their best foot forward to impress the stalwarts of the optical trade from all across the globe. In return, opticians and brand owners will get a chance to capitalize on the potential of these newcomers before they become the big names of the industry. Plus the collections displayed under Project Eyewear will add a breath of fresh air to the regular options.

They say Dubai can make the impossible happen. And with VisionPlus EXPO 2021, that certainly seems true for optical businesses.

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