Ask The Lab Guy: The #1 Way To Get Word Of Mouth Referrals

Scott-BalestreriSome of you may know Scott Balestreri either as the owner of Bad Ass Optical Lab or as the Facebook owner/admin of Ask The Lab Guy. The one thing that most people can agree on with Scott, he knows his optical business and he is not afraid to speak out.

He did a post in December, which was excellent and really is the bottom line for all eyecare professionals, especially independents.

Here it is another Balestrism

“The #1, consistent marketing ploy any optical can make, is the frames they put on their client’s faces. “Where did you get those glasses?” has more practice building firepower than VSP, Facebook, professional skills, and anything else you can come up with.

If what you sell is common and boring, then you will not attract new business by word of mouth.

Word of mouth scenarios mean nuclear powered practice growth… Think about ‘What we all tell our friends?’ Consider you are not so different than your patients. What have you ever said about any business: In Eyecare you the five things you must likely will hear are:

1. Dr, So and so saved my life, vision, child’s life… etc.

2. The staff and doctors are so kind and helpful.

3. I got a good deal/value.

4. I’ve had this problem I didn’t even know I had, and they fixed it. The last 5 doctors didn’t.

5. (Puts on glasses) WOW! I CAN SEE! (note you will NEVER hear “I can see through my new Varilux lenses”). When people experience sight restoration, they don’t care who’s plastic curves they gaze through. Get over your lens of choice, it’s a figment of your collective optical imagination.

These are all life changing statements people will share…BUT…. they are not consistent for every patient. “WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE GLASSES?” applies to almost all patients, and is of paramount importance if the dispensary is a profit center for you. Running a novel dispensary with unusual or the most excellent frames and lenses, is the most important overall thing you can do to market yourself. No contest.

In order to do that, YOU NEED A GREAT OPTICIAN.

The rest of what people tell you in this business, is mostly @%%^*