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Dreamers Sleep Eyewear

The relationship between sleep and light is much more closely linked than you could imagine.  Fundamentally, all light – natural and artificial – affects the way people sleep in some capacity, but not all light will have the same impact on the body’s natural timing.

In the absence of light, your brain will naturally produce critical hormones to promote sleep.  As we wind down from the day, our melatonin levels rise, initiating a response of drowsiness, muscle relaxation, and a drop in your body temperature.  If we were able to listen and interpret these signs our quality of sleep would be much higher.

Unfortunately, in the modern-day, we are universally connected to the internet 24/7.  Our laptops and phones have almost become a physical extension of our body, yet this digital alertness is having a serious impact on our body’s circadian rhythm.  The blue and green light given off from your computer, phone or tablet will neutralize the natural effects of melatonin.

Blue and green wavelengths from our favorite pieces of technology; mobile phones, computers, tablets, TVs, and more are incredibly beneficial during the daylight hours, boosting your attention, reaction time, and even mood.  At night, however, they are completely disruptive.

Dreamers Sleep Eyewear

While it’s true that all light can suppress our secretion of sleep hormones, blue and green light just does it so much more powerfully. Harvard Researchers have found that blue light can suppress melatonin for twice as long as green light, shifting your circadian rhythm by twice as much.

The Sydney Australia-born models Jordan and Zac Stenmark have created a new line of science-backed eyewear which blocks 99.9% of the harmful blue-green light created by screens, in order to help wearers sleep better.

Jordan & Zac Stenmark
Jordan & Zac Stenmark

“Over the last ten years, like many, we’ve been working crazy hours with very early starts and late nights. We quickly realized that quality sleep had a dramatic impact on our physical and emotional health,” said Jordan.

Lack of beauty sleep might seem like a superficial complaint — especially given our culture’s language around sleep as a “nice to have” luxury item, easily and willingly sacrificed for more important things — however, when you consider that worldwide, over one billion people* suffer from chronic sleep issues, it becomes abundantly clear that our lack of quality sleep is having a far greater effect than we realize.

“It is widely accepted in scientific literature that sleep-deprived individuals are far more susceptible to myriad health issues, including anxiety, depression, heart disease, and obesity,” said Zac.

One of the major contributing factors for these chronic sleep issues is exposure to artificial blue-green light, especially at night. This realization led the health-focused twins to begin working with US scientist Dr. Stafford W. Sheehan on a proven sleep solution.

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