Barton Perreira Launches Rimless Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Barton Perreira Rimless 2024 campaign image couple in tinted eyewear

Barton Perreira recently unveiled their Spring/Summer 2024 RIMLESS Collection, featuring six new styles. Handcrafted with precision and innovation by master artisans in Japan, the third installment of The Rimless Collection boasts the most advanced technology yet, incorporating an exclusive thinsert acetate rim for an aesthetically elegant but also exceptionally crafted design.

Barton Perreira Tyrone
Barton Perreira Brandy

This season’s Rimless Collection represents a dedication to the brands innovative design approach, involving unique manufacturing processes in tumbling, lens cutting, and hand polishing. The intricacies demand the expertise of the most skilled craftsmen to execute with perfection and precision. It’s an innovation that can’t be achieved with automation; every touchpoint in the process requires the hands of artisans. This commitment to handmade products ensures that no shortcuts are taken, resulting in the craftsmanship and attention to detail that Barton Perreira is known for.

Barton Perreira Rhonda
Barton Perreira Sharona

Offering a curated array of shapes and sizes that suit playful, bold, and classic preferences, this collection provides something for every style preference. Designer, Patty Perreira, continues to pay homage to names of people in famous songs, drawing inspiration to infuse soul into each style. The Rigby, a gender-fluid round silhouette, effortlessly captivates with its striking appeal, elevating any look to dreamlike heights. It features gorgeous jewel-toned lenses encased in thin acetate and ultra-light titanium. The chic Sharona commands instant attention with its oversized square shape and sunset-like gradient lenses. The retro-inspired Tyrone showcases an understated palette of materials and colors, seamlessly complementing the design through its acetate and laser-engraved titanium composition. The playful Brandy cat-eye is sure to turn heads with its upswept shape and range of pastel watercolor hues like rose, mint, peach, and sky.

Barton Perreira Rigby

Designer, Patty Perreira, has merged her unique imagination with decades of design expertise to craft a distinctive collection of rimless glasses this season. Alongside CEO, Bill Barton, they have successfully created one of the most exceptional eyewear collections globally, upholding a commitment and a dedication to design. The collection is Barton Perreira’s first release since the acquisition by Thélios, the eyewear expert of LVMH Group, and underscores the significance of a compelling introduction, setting the stage for an even more elevated eyewear experience.

Barton Perreira Rimless 2024 campaign image woman in tinted eyeglasses

About Barton Perreira

Bill Barton and Patty Perreira revolutionized the art of eyewear design at renowned fashion brands. In 2007, these visionaries embarked on their own path, joining forces to establish Barton Perreira. Their mission was clear: to create an independent brand that perceives things differently, investing time and dedication in the craftsmanship that yields nothing short of the world’s finest eyewear. Renowned for their meticulous attention to unique details, Barton Perreira eyewear comes to life through the expertise and virtuosity of Japan’s leading artisans. In their unwavering commitment to sustainability, Barton Perreira utilizes plant-based acetates derived from wood and cotton, ensuring the use of environmentally friendly materials. Additionally, they offer cleaning cloths and retail bags made from recyclable materials. Barton Perreira eyewear is available at flagship retail boutiques in New York City, Aspen, Bozeman, and Kansas City, as well as exclusive optical stores, premium department stores, and select boutiques worldwide. 


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