bbase Design Group Brings incubbase to Singapore

bbase Design Group incubbase eyewear design and fashion collaboration

bbase Design Group, a leading innovator in the eyewear industry, is delighted to herald the launch of incubbase in Singapore. This initiative champions the ethos of circular design, imparting foundational knowledge and fostering access to the craft of eyewear design in collaboration with the world of fashion education.

Joining forces with the LASALLE College of the Arts, incubbase is proud to support the bright minds of the university. Their combined efforts have culminated in empowering participating students to conceive and craft eyewear pieces, proudly displayed at the exhibition entitled “Cross-Pollination: Dialogues between Singapore, New York, and Latin America,”, a joint presentation between LASALLE College of the Arts and The Fashion Institute of Technology New York. The fruits of this synergy are on display in bbase’s exclusive virtual showrooms curated by incubbase.

bbase provided mentorship, and guidance from business development, innovation, and product development perspectives, introducing the richness and complexities of sustainable eyewear design. With direct mentorship from bbase’s Director of Business Development, Afsha Horton, and Senior Designer Jacky Tang, along with project lead Cristina Kountiou, students were given an understanding of how to conceptualize eyewear with longevity and circularity at its core, considering materials, production processes, and the product’s end-of-life potential.

incubbase launched in 2020, incubbase has seen the invaluable involvement of leading industry figures and institutions such as the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Michael Young, Christina Dean of Redress, and industry expert Won Lee of X8 Eyewear, Gentle Monster, among others.

Expressing her vision for the program, bbase’s CEO Jo-Black remarked, “It’s a privilege to widen our sustainable design endeavour through our collaboration with LASALLE. We’re on a quest to inspire and educate a future cadre of fashion visionaries, adept in the craft of sustainable eyewear design.”  Jo-Black further added, “We are proud of the display of innovation and creativity sparked by this initiative.”

With a steadfast dedication to progressive sustainability in the eyewear trade, bbase Design Group, through incubbase, is shaping a visionary path for aspiring designers. Through imparting critical knowledge and practical wisdom, the initiative lays the groundwork for a regenerative future in fashion eyewear.

bbase Design Group incubbase eyewear design and fashion collaboration with LASALLE College of the Arts and The Fashion Institute of Technology New York


About bbase Design Group:
bbase Design Group is a leading innovator in the eyewear industry, renowned for its commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge design, working with global retailers and brands for the past 20 years. With a rich heritage and a focus on circular practices, bbase continues to revolutionize the industry by driving sustainable solutions in eyewear such as the bow Index, incubbase, bbLAB, and bb20.

About LASALLE College of the Arts:

LASALLE College of the Arts stands as Asia’s foremost contemporary arts and design institution. With a comprehensive array of 30 diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs spanning fields like fine arts, design communication, interior design, film, animation, fashion, and more.

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