BEINGBAR Inspires With Their Newest Range of Sustainable Sunglasses

BEINGBAR, the Amsterdam-based eyewear company, has launched a new range of next-generation bamboo sunglasses, looking to encourage the fashion-conscious to pursue sustainable living, and help preserve the planet.

Warren J., the founder of BEINGBAR says ‘we need to preserve the planet both for now and for the future, and so has personally developed several ranges of sunglasses almost a decade in the making that looks to put sustainability, natural materials and ethical principles at the heart of the brand.

Beingbar Model 07

The fashion industry contributes around 10% percent of carbon emissions across the world, more than the aviation and shipping industry put together: aviation accounts for 2%, and shipping 3.5%-4% of all climate change emissions such as carbon dioxide. Studies estimate that continuing on the current trajectory unchecked will mean that the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions could increase by over 50% in the next ten years.

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BEINGBAR’s newly released range is specifically designed to reverse the trend. Looking to minimize the environmental impact of their products, BEINGBAR eyewear champions the use of sustainable natural elements over that of plastics. Mostly created out of bamboo, their glasses also incorporate other materials, such as woods and ecotate, a material derived from cotton seeds and plant matter. This means their products have limited negative effects on the environment in their manufacturing process, and a minimal impact when they come to end of their product-life. Bamboo can biodegrade as quickly as four months, whilst traditional plastics will still be stuck in landfill decades later.

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Not only this, but BEINGBAR’s glasses are created with high-quality natural materials, made to last. Every second, one rubbish truck of fashion products is burned or dumped at landfills, enough to fill Sydney Harbor, so switching to products that are designed to go the distance should generate significantly less waste than those that break easily and frequently.

Despite these detrimental impacts to the environment, the majority of clothes and fashion accessories in circulation today continue to be petroleum-based, with seventy million barrels of oil a year providing the polyester fibers in those garments. It has been estimated that in the UK, the carbon emissions from discarded clothing alone is equal to the car emissions of generated over a 6,000-mile drive.

However, customer sentiment is clearly changing, with the majority of respondents in a recent consumer survey saying they want the fashion industry to become more sustainable, and almost a third saying they would stop buying from a brand if they knew it was not committed to positive environmental change. Obviously eco-conscious shoppers are becoming more and more prevalent, which is only good news not just for sustainable brands such as BEINGBAR, but most importantly the planet.

About BEINGBAR Eyewear:

The BEINGBAR Eyewear company was founded in 2011 as a high-quality eco-friendly alternative to the mass-produced, plastic-based sunglasses you see everywhere. The company promotes conscious living and sustainable eyewear and fashion.

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