Bejeweled Crocs On The Runway For Spring Summer 2017

Once you go Croc you never go back as the saying goes. This comes from anyone who has ever worn a pair of Crocs. Comfy, Chunky, Clunky and Ugly as they may be, they made a fashion statement on the runway for Spring 2017 and just might be de-rigeur for fashionistas.

As Christopher Kane says on his website: ‘I always work with unexpected items and combinations, transforming the everyday into desirable luxury. I wanted to bring my own stamp and DNA to Crocs’ classic clog and achieve something really special. The marble print feels very earthy and I often think of Crocs shoes in a very grounded way, worn with either an evening dress or with jeans, and adding the rock crystals brings a bit of luxury to this everyday style. Crocs are arguably the most comfortable shoe, and I love that they are slightly awkward and might be perceived by some as ‘ugly’. ‘

Image Christopher Kane
Image Christopher Kane

While the reviews have been mixed on showing Crocs, it certainly got the attention of not just the fashion public, when sites such as Mashable write about it. Eyecare professionals can capitalize on this viral look with showing their Crocs Eyewear with an image of Christopher Kane Shoe Charmed look. Just and FYI the eyewear is NOT clunky, chunky and ugly, it is actually a streamlined sporty look for all ages and sexes.



Crocs Eyewear is distributed by A&A Optical