Black EyeCare Perspective’s Third Annual Signing Day – April 25th

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Black EyeCare Perspective, founded by optometrists Drs. Adam Ramsey and Darryl Glover, was designed, and created to cultivate and foster lifelong relationships between African Americans and the eyecare industry.  Along with Drs. Essence Johnson (Executive Director), Jacobi Cleaver (Chief Program Officer), and Tiffany Humes (Business Transformation Manager), Black EyeCare Perspective is redefining the color of the eyecare industry 1% at a time by creating a pipeline for Black students into optometry. Black EyeCare Perspective’s 13% Promise initiative is a call for equity in the increase of Black and African American representation in the industry to align with the United States Census population.

Black EyeCare Perspective has been able to affect the most change through the chartering of the Black EyeCare Perspective Pre-Optometry Club (BEPPOC). Since August 2020, BEPPOC has grown to over 160 members. “As we enter the third year of Signing Day, we are ecstatic to announce the continued partnership with Johnson & Johnson Vision,” says Dr. Cleaver. “Our inaugural Signing Day event celebrated the acceptance of 34 students into the class of 2025; the second Signing Day event celebrated the acceptance of 30 students into the class of 2026. To date, Black EyeCare Perspective, through our charitable arm, Diversity Perspective, Inc., has awarded nearly $40,000 in matriculation grants to optometry students entering optometry school. Additionally, we have connected students to many other resources and opportunities in the industry and beyond.”

On Tuesday, April 25, 2023, Black EyeCare Perspective and Johnson & Johnson Vision will celebrate the future optometrists joining the class of 2027. Dr. Jacobi Cleaver and future optometrist and past BEPPOC president Lauren Price will co-host the third annual Signing Day.

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Black Eyecare Perspective signing day 2023

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