Blackfin Atlantic Sun Fall/Winter 23-24 Collection

Blackfin Atlantic Sun Fall/Winter 23/24

The bold eye-catching look of the Blackfin Atlantic line is the focus of the new Sun styles for Fall/Winter 23/24. A fierce, assertive aesthetic sets Hoxton and Soho apart, thanks to the Blackfin Radiant gradient lenses that ensure excellent optical performance and unmistakable style.

Cut from a single 3-mm block of titanium that lends the frame a feeling of solidity and strength, at the same time the sunwear maintains the unexpected lightness typical of this material. A perfect balance between durability and lightweight that is the core essence of Blackfin design, with generous shapes and rounded profiles that become one in a sophisticated tactile sensation of softness.

Innovation is also expressed in the temples, thanks to a revolutionary patent that allows the pantoscopic angle to be adjusted. Each pair of Blackfin Atlantic Sun eyewear adapts perfectly to any face, ensuring customized comfort and impeccable fit.

Blackfin Atlantic Hoxton

The British inspiration in Hoxton and Soho also comes to light in the colors, matte black with green gradient lenses, and dark blue with blue gradient lenses, in keeping with understated English elegance.

Blackfin Atlantic Soho

Every detail in the Atlantic Sun collection attests to the exceptional skills of Blackfin, a brand that fuses artisan virtuosity and cutting-edge technology. Production, executed entirely at the Black Shelter factory, is a tribute to sustainability – each step is mindful of environmental impact, reinforcing the company’s commitment to a greener future.

Blackfin Atlantic Sun is not just an eyewear collection but a declaration of style, innovation, and responsibility. An invitation to explore new horizons, where design and quality intersect with sustainability.


About Blackfin

A Blackfin frame is the result of hundreds of processes, to some, these would just be the production process, but for Blackfin, each one is a little ritual. Each frame is made only of Japanese titanium, but it is worked entirely in Italy. Blackfin is based in Agordo, a little town in the heart of the Italian Alps, as wonderful as Blackfin’s eyewear.

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