Blackfin establishes Direct U.S. Distribution

Blackfin One 2023 titanium frames

Blackfin Titanium Eyewear, a name synonymous with superior quality and innovative Italian craftsmanship in the premium eyewear sector, announces a transformative development in its distribution model in the United States. As of March 1, 2024, Blackfin will be moving on from its partnership with Villa Eyewear to initiate direct distribution through its new subsidiary, Blackfin Eyewear Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas. This team is dedicated to covering the entire national territory in a structured manner, ensuring the best customer proximity and execution, and maintaining the high standards of service and quality that Blackfin is known for.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone in Blackfin’s journey within the U.S. market, signifying a step forward in enhancing customer relations and operational efficiency. The establishment of Blackfin Eyewear Inc. represents not only an expansion of Blackfin’s geographical footprint but also a reaffirmation of its commitment to delivering exceptional service and a comprehensive eyewear collection directly to the American market.

One of the key advantages of this shift to direct distribution is the facilitation of direct communication between Blackfin and its customers, ensuring an authentic and consistent brand experience. This change will enable U.S. customers to have full access to the entire range of Blackfin’s premium titanium eyewear, including the latest and exclusive designs. Moreover, with a dedicated in-house team for the U.S. market, Blackfin will ensure rapid responses and personalized customer support. The move also allows for more sophisticated and tailored marketing initiatives, aligning closely with Blackfin’s ethos of innovation and customer-centricity.

In discussing this significant development, Nicola Del Din, CEO of Blackfin, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to take this step forward with Blackfin in the U.S. market. The company is solid and has reached that maturity that makes us feel ready to evolve our business strategy. This move to direct distribution is a testament to our growth and commitment to our customers. We are confident that our clients will greatly appreciate the direct contact with our brand, experiencing firsthand the authenticity and quality that Blackfin represents. We extend our thanks to Ilario Sfoggia, his family, and the entire team at Villa Eyewear for their support and the strong personal and business partnership we’ve shared over these years”.

“We are fully aware of the complexities of the U.S. market and could not have envisioned the development of our business in this country any differently. A direct connection with opticians is essential, allowing us to provide them with all the necessary tools to support their work effectively. Blackfin represents more than just an excellent product; it embodies an authentic story and a dedicated team working passionately towards a common goal. Everyone who collaborates with us understands and shares these values, which are an integral part of our product” continues Nicola Del Din.

Additionally, Blackfin will be present at the upcoming Vision Expo East in New York, from March 15 to March 17 with its own booth A134 in “The Atelier” area, showcasing the latest collections and discussing the new direct distribution model.

Opticians and retailers interested in learning more about Blackfin Eyewear Inc. and exploring the latest collections are encouraged to visit the dedicated U.S. website at for contact details and further information.


About Blackfin

A Blackfin frame is the result of hundreds of processes, to some, these would just be the production process, but for Blackfin, each one is a little ritual. Each frame is made only of Japanese titanium, but it is worked entirely in Italy. Blackfin is based in Agordo, a little town in the heart of the Italian Alps, as wonderful as Blackfin’s eyewear. Blackfin Headquarters –

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