Blackfin One – New FW 2021-22 Optical Collection

Blackfin - One Rose Hall

A masterful exercise in style that reinvents itself from one season to the next. Blackfin introduces the Fall/Winter 2021-22 optical collection styles, where titanium features strongly in unique shapes and processes that distinguish the various lines of the brand.

Design, light weight and exploration continue to be the trademark traits of the new optical frames, featuring uncommon construction details and color pairings typical of the brand’s DNA.

Blackfin One Whitebrock
Blackfin One Whitebrock

Eyewear in the Blackfin One line feature interplays between the top rim’s bold 2.5 mm thick sheet and 2.00 mm rims, to forge a 3-D structure with new proportions on the fronts that are accentuated by the contrasting bright and pastel colors with matte or polished finish. Like Rose Hall, a feminine frame with a sculpted butterfly shape; and Whitebrock for men, a classic slightly rectangular panto updated with eye-catching processing effects.

Blackfin One Simos
Blackfin One Simos
Blackfin One Paros
Blackfin One Paros

The large round rims of Simos and a generous square shape of Paros express a more contemporary spirit. The thin titanium frames are enhanced with architectural cuts on the lenses that correspond to the point where the color on the front changes. A sophisticated and unexpected detail that aesthetically emphasizes the two-tone concept.

Blackfin One Fort Stevens
Blackfin One Fort StevensBlackfin

Fort Stevens, an elegant thin panto shape for men with a brushed color effect plays up the material qualities of titanium.

Modern design frames are made exceptional by bold color choices and innovative production processes. Accessories that reinvent the concept of eyewear through ongoing experimentation while staying true to the brand’s identity. See the entire Blackfin line on their website,

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