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Cutler and Gross Launch ‘Desert Playground’ Collection

Man and woman wearing Cutler and Gross sunglasses for SS 2024

Independent British luxury eyewear brand Cutler and Gross launches their Spring / Summer 2024 collection: Desert Playground.

The collection pays homage to the sun-drenched, glittering epoch of Palm Springs. The inimitable 8 styles – 7 opticals and 5 sunglasses intertwine classic and contemporary silhouettes with the architectural magnificence of pal springs.  Each style reflects the cinematic grandeur of 50s Hollywood and draws inspiration from the Modernist architecture of this bygone era, frozen in time by Julius Shulman’s photography.

The Collection

Looking at the winged frames worn on the silver screen in the 50s and 60s, the 1409 has a curved brown bar and flattened edges that subvert expectations.

Cutler and Gross  1409

The 1410 optical square structure was informed by the geometry of mid-century modernist architecture.

Cutler and Gross CGOP_1410

Square, angular frames in 60s cinema set the scene for the 1411. The straight brow bar and slanted lugs, create an impression of a genderless cat-eye.

Cutler and Gross CGOP_1411

Celebrating its glamorous past whilst using a new present, the 9241 cat-eye is frozen in time in the paparazzi shots from Palm Springs.

Cutler and Gross CGOP_9241

The mood of 1950s Hollywood, an era of effortless style and dazzling allure, is distilled into the 9261. A sleek silhouette, polished to perfection, available in both sunglass and optical.

Cutler and Gross CGOP_9261

The octagonal design of the 9324 informs a maximalist sunglass that pays homage to the cinematic allure of Sophie Loren in 50s Hollywood.

Cutler and Gross CGSN_9324

Specialist techniques from the 60s were used to shape the 9495 sunglasses – the blocky profile has been cut away at the brow bar and chamfered with tilted edge.

Cutler and Gross CGSN_9495

A square sunglass, the Cutler and Gross way. The 9690 is our creative director’s frame of choice. It nods to angular styles popularised by Hollywood, the modernist core wire nods to the inspirations behind the design: Palm Springs in the 50s.

Cutler and Gross CGSN_9690


Man and woman wearing Cutler and Gross eyeglasses for SS 2024


About Cutler and Gross

Cutler and Gross was founded on the principle that when it comes to eyewear, it’s not just about how we see the world, it’s about how others see us. For over 50 years now, it has been at the forefront of optical design – as trailblazers, disrupters, and pioneers whose legacy has been much imitated, but never surpassed.

A brand built on friendship, it was established by opticians Mr Cutler and Mr Gross in 1969. Thanks to word of mouth, what began in London’s Knightsbridge as a small but innovative bespoke service soon became a fully-fledged mecca for artists, rock stars, writers, and royalty. Together, the pair had created the perfect balance between taste and technicality, quickly cementing their reputation as industry leaders in eyewear.

Using the finest raw materials, each frame is handmade by experienced craftspeople in its own factory in Cadore, within the Italian Dolomites.

Today, the proudly independent eyewear brand has 6 flagship store locations in London, Bath, New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto and has over 2000 Stockists in 50 countries around the world.

Karün Eyewear Butts In

Karün partners with IMEKO to produce eyewear from cigarette butts

Karün Eyewear recently announced a groundbreaking game changer: the world’s first eyewear frames made from cellulose acetate recovered from cigarette butts. A new material called Celion.

Innovation is deeply rooted in the pursuit of harmony between humanity and nature at Karün. Their team is relentlessly exploring new ways to create products that not only protect the environment but also cater to the needs of users, transforming challenges into opportunities for both ecological and user-centric innovation.

From creating the first eyewear made with recycled fishing nets to implementing full traceability with Blockchain and labeled carbon footprint to each of their products, Karün has led the way in sustainable innovation in the industry since 2012. This mindset has directed their focus today to one of the most neglected environmental concerns: cigarette butts.

Typically disregarded and rarely recycled, cigarette butts have spurred Karün’s latest innovative leap. Employing advanced technology from IMEKO, a Chilean cleantech company that collects, processes, and recovers the cellulose acetate found in cigarette butts to be completely transformed, these butts are repurposed into Celion®, the foundational material of their forthcoming collection. This distinctive chemical process does more than repurpose a discarded substance; it makes a significant contribution to the preservation of our planet’s crucial ecosystems.

The Problem?

  • 6 trillion cigarette butts are discarded into the environment each year. That’s equivalent to filling 80 Olympic swimming pools every second.
  • 3 million tons is the total weight of cigarette butts discarded every year.
  • Up to 50 liters of water are contaminated by just one cigarette butt.
  • This represents one of the most toxic forms of ocean plastic pollution.

IMEKO, Celion®

The Solution?

  • Repurpose acetate, the main component in cigarette butts (plastic).
  • This new efficient, sustainable, and scalable mechanical-chemical process developed by IMEKO, removes the toxicity from the filters and recovers pure cellulose acetate as a new sustainable raw material.
  • High-quality eyewear is achieved using fashion as a symbol of change. For every ton of Celion®, up to 5.6 million cigarette butts are removed.

Celion® stands out not just for its origin but also for its exceptional properties:

  • Exceptional mechanical physical properties.
  • 40% reduction in carbon footprint compared to virgin acetate.
  • Formulated with no toxic additives.
  • Ability to be molded in conventional industrial plastic processes.
  • Versatility in colors and a high level of transparency.
  • Adjustable formula for the development of various products (eyewear frames, jewelry, tools, other high-end plastic items).
  • Celion material is infinitely recyclable, fostering a circular economy where resources are utilized for as long as possible.

Together with IMEKO, Karün once again showcases the crucial importance of looking at the world from a different point of view. This perspective enables them to continuously transform what was once considered waste into beautiful high-quality products that generate a positive impact on our planet.

Crafted from a complex and commonly overlooked waste material, the use of Celion® is a symbol of their dedication to creative problem-solving and environmental stewardship. It positions the brand at the forefront of the eyewear industry and establishes it as leaders in sustainable innovation and chemical ingenuity.

Karün Eyewear Celion®, sunglasss

With Celion®, Karün is not just marking a milestone in product design; they’re pioneering a movement for responsible innovation and positive change in business and products.


Karün Eyewear Celion® eyeglass


About Karün

Karün is a B Corporation based in Patagonia that offers sustainable and high-quality eyewear designed to last. Through its Karün™ Regeneration Model, the brand demonstrates that companies can be a tool for social and environmental well-being. Karün’s products are made with recycled and traceable materials, collected in collaboration with local rural communities in Patagonia to restore natural ecosystems and regenerate local economies. In addition to its commitment to sustainability, Karün is a pioneer in transparency by providing information on the carbon emissions of each product and allowing customers to track the production process through its Karün™ Traceability System, powered by blockchain technology. Today, the brand is present in more than 17 countries worldwide and has been recognized by leading sustainability and design organizations such as MIDO, National Geographic, and Forbes. Learn more about the brand at


IMEKO is a B Corporation founded in Valparaíso, Chile that is committed to clean the world from cigarette butts and constantly seeking creative solutions to environmental problems and works tirelessly to make a significant difference in the fight against cigarette butt pollution, using scientific knowledge and technology. Through a chemical process, completely sustainable from its design, IMEKO recovers the plastic, cellulose acetate, from the cigarette butt filter, completely free of toxic components, and transforming it into a new sustainable raw material, Celion(R) for its reincorporation into the plastic materials circular economy IMEKO is able to remove all the toxic substances contained in cigarette butts and recover the valuable cellulose acetate from which the filter is made.

IMEKO has developed a robust and efficient cigarette butt collection strategy through a network of partners, including companies, organizations, and foundations, mobilizing a complete change of mentality through environmental education. IMEKO has developed this technology knowing that it must be a global solution and works tirelessly to expand the horizons of the solution and generate awareness about this problem.

Calvin Klein Spring 2024 Campaign With Camila Morrone

Calvin Klein Campaign for SS 2024 featuring Camila-Morrone

Calvin Klein launched the Spring 2024 eyewear campaign starring Emmy-nominated actress Camila Morrone.

Shot by photographer Josh Olins, the campaign sees Camila in new sun and optical frames designed for effortless statement styling. In the campaign video, she explores New York City, the hometown of the Calvin Klein brand, channeling its sophisticated, modern energy.

“I have always admired Calvin Klein’s contemporary elegance, which is why I was excited to be a part of this eyewear campaign,” said Camila Morrone. “Shooting in New York and walking through downtown, I felt the confident energy that Calvin Klein has always stood for.  I’m thrilled to be a part of the Calvin Klein family”

The Spring 2024 Calvin Klein eyewear collection features sun and optical frames crafted with futuristic and tailored details, resulting in styles that are both classic and modern. The collection is now available worldwide at select retailers.


Calvin Klein CK24502S

This sunglass style stands out for its futuristic silhouette: bold yet sophisticated, the square modern shield frame is fully crafted from premium acetate. The straight-across top gives a modern look, while sleek design details such as the metal pins and Calvin Klein metal sticker logo make a subtle statement. Available in Slate Grey, Taupe, Khaki, and Blue.


Calvin Klein CK24520


This classic optical style introduces a timeless Calvin Klein eyewear silhouette through a tailored lens. An acetate butterfly shape is embellished with pin hinges and custom core wire, with the Calvin Klein extended logo lasered and filled with enamel on the sleek temples. Available in two sizes (51, 54) in Black, Brown, Opal Blue and Lilac.


About Marchon Eyewear, Inc.

Marchon Eyewear, Inc. is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of quality eyewear and sunglasses. The company markets its products under prestigious brand names including: Calvin Klein, Columbia, Converse, DKNY, Donna Karan, Dragon, Flexon, Karl Lagerfeld, Lacoste, Lanvin, Liu Jo, Longchamp, Marchon NYC, MCM, Nautica, Nike, Nine West, Pilgrim, Pure, Salvatore Ferragamo, Skaga, Victoria Beckham and ZEISS. Marchon Eyewear distributes its products through a global network of subsidiaries and distributors, serving over 80,000 accounts in more than 100 countries. Marchon Eyewear is a VSP Global® company, which is focused on its purpose of empowering human potential through sight and connecting its more than 80 million members to affordable, accessible, high-quality eye care and eyewear. For more information, visit

About Calvin Klein, Inc.

Calvin Klein is a fashion lifestyle brand with bold, progressive ideals and a sensual aesthetic that is recognized worldwide. Our modern and minimalist approach to design, provocative imagery, and authentic connection to culture has resonated with customers for over 50 years. Founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz, we have built our reputation as a leader in American fashion through the distinct Calvin Klein brand lines and a licensed range of products. For more information, please visit

Teachable Tuesday – Basics of Working with a Millimeter Ruler or PD Stick

Teachable Tuesday

John Seegers of Optician Works and Laramy-K, have graciously shared some of their awesome videos with us to share with you. John is one of the best trainers of opticians and his video series has received acclaim from coast to coast, helping thousands of opticians pass certification and licensing exams.

This week’s video is Basics of Working with a Millimeter Ruler or PD Stick

For more information or education, visit Laramy-K


Two Maisons, One Passion // Lafont & Pierre Frey

Lafont-Pierre-Frey sunglass on animal print fabric

Maison Lafont is a renowned brand celebrating the art of French craftsmanship and expertise. Recently, they have collaborated with Maison Pierre Frey to create an exciting new collection. This collaboration is a fusion of two iconic creative universes, each with unique expertise.  Drawing inspiration from the imaginative richness of Maison Pierre Frey, Thomas Lafont has crafted six brand-new sunglasses by embedding their fabrics between layers of acetate.


“For me, this partnership is an obvious choice. Pierre Frey exemplifies the French aesthetic. Integrating such a wealth of creativity in our universe is a real pleasure. La Maison Pierre Frey, a House embodied by a family with long history, of course echoes our own.” Says chief Creative Director Thomas Lafont.

Lafont OCEAN

Founded in 1935, Maison Pierre Frey is known for creating and manufacturing high-end textiles and furnishing fabrics. It is certified as an Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) and is renowned for its excellent craftsmanship and industrial ingenuity, which contribute to the French Art de vivre. With a rich family history, a love of fine artistry, attention to detail, and a drive to create, Maison Pierre Frey shares the same values as Maison Lafont.


The new collaboration is supported with exclusive displays dressed in matching Pierre Frey fabric and counter cards.



Maison Lafont, a renowned optical expert, has served customers for over a century. Since 1923 the Lafont optical fashion house has been built on unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and Parisian chic. Handcrafted in France, Lafont’s distinguishable style offers a collection of over 200 exclusive colors, blending signature tones, patterns, and seasonal hues to add vibrancy to its eyewear.

Eline De Munck – Odette Lunettes // Optical Journal Podcast

Optical Journal Podcast - Optical News With Independent Views

Daniel speaks with Eline De Munck, the owner of Odette Lunnetes.

Eline De Munck - Odette Lunettes
Eline De Munck


Odette Lunettes Logo
SILMO Singapore logo


VOA Collective ORION - woman wearing sunglasses

VOA introduced SEASON 02: ORION, its highly awaited second collection, furthering the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and reshaping the landscape of contemporary luxury eyewear.

In just two seasons, VOA Collective is quickly establishing itself as a brand unafraid to break the mold when it comes to uber-luxury eyewear. Having captured the attention of globally acclaimed artists such as J Balvin and Bad Bunny with its first collection, VOA returns with a second limited drop of avant-garde designs, this time in an expanded selection of colorways and reenergized silhouettes.

In its second collection, VOA taps into the timeless interplay between the cosmic mysteries of deep space and the spiritual-architectural wonders of humanity’s distant past. SEASON 02: ORION intricately intertwines the four stars of the Orion constellation with spiritual portals from ancient civilizations: Xian Pyramid in China, the Teoatiuhacán Pyramid in Mexico, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, and Easter Island in Chile. Coordinates of these portals discreetly adorn each piece, drawing a subtle connective thread between these two fields of inspiration.


Offered in five inspired colorways that utterly remake each model anew, SEASON 02: ORION stands out as genuinely original with its unparalleled fusion of pigments, materials, textures, and forms – and defines its own aesthetic niche with an offering of classically informed yet unmistakably future-focussed silhouettes. VOA crafts each model in ORION as a wearable art object, and conceives of the complete set as a capsule art collection in and of itself: ALNILAM and ALNITAK exist as two instances of the perfect quadrilateral form and each embodies a singular take on the classic cat-eye silhouette, which is dismantled and modernized to guarantee a future-proof look.


MINTAKA is an evolved inversion of ALNILAM, which repositions the familiar slanted ORION front pieces to create a graduated sharpening of form, resulting in a daring architectural design. HEKA is arguably the collection’s shining star – named as it is after the blue supergiant of the ORION constellation – with a fundamentally unique articulation of discordant shape, producing a shocking harmony of form.

The campaign supporting VOA’s second collection of industry-redefining eyewear, a collaboration with Pablo Alfieri and the team at Playful Studio, is a vivid exploration of the profusion of potential futures captured in the brightness of tomorrow. Incorporating familiar themes of futurism, astronomy, and self-knowledge, the campaign presents poetic visual narratives of extra-terrestrial expansion, honoring the innate potency of the precious materials in each design and the exceptionalism of those who wear them.

VOA Collective campaign image - woman wearing sunglasses

About VOA Collective

With its commitment to crafting designs of such scarcity and innovation as to render them wearable art objects, VOA Collective’s output is fuelled by a singular design philosophy. Positioning itself on a spectrum bridging the past and future, VOA finds inspiration in the celestial interplay between ancestral astrological wisdom and contemporary astronomical science. This guiding philosophy is reflected in a limited run of designs per drop, each unique synthesis of diverse aesthetic traditions, drawn from ancient civilizations and techno-futurism alike.

ION Eyewear Launching at 100% Optical

man wearing ION Ionix

Caron Eyewear is proud to present ION – a new eyewear brand meticulously crafted for whoever you want to be. Proudly presented under the renowned Caron Eyewear umbrella, this new brand embodies our commitment to offering diverse and inclusive eyewear options for all.

Graphic silhouettes, bold eye shapes and graduating opacities across materials invoke an investigation into the perception of identity and a celebration of individual expression. These are frames designed to enhance and communicate identity for all, opening up the classic masculine design language to a new community of wearers.

ION delivers a fresh new twist in structured styling, with sharp angular choices and geometric, architectural structures. With Design that fuses both retro elements and the cutting-edge of men’s styling, this new collection, as you would expect, is charged with considered but eminently wearable shapes, colours and fit.

ION is not about shock value or the need for ‘likes’ above wearability and taste. ION designs complement and flatter the wearer’s personality, rather than being a substitute for it. ION celebrates the creatively energized blurring of the lines between traditional men’s and women’s modes of self-expression, encouraging a more relaxed approach to eyewear.

Founder and designer Caron Kraitt has designed a range of timeless pieces which offer the perfect crossover for confident individuals who are looking for a bolder, more structured look. With custom colours in polished and matte finishes and custom laminations, shifting concentrations of light and shadow create a dynamic rhythm throughout the collection.

With its retro edge and universal fit, model ZENITH instantly communicates intelligence and is positioned as the flagship of the ION collection. The dynamic drop bridge and bold, square eye shape naturally project energy and personality, standing out as a beacon of style. Available colourways: Black to Clear, Petrol Blue, Matt Tortoiseshell, Grey Tortoiseshell.

ION Zenith

Unveiling a new twist on vintage styling, model IONIX boasts a modern and effortlessly wearable keyhole bridge, seamlessly integrated with a bold and confident square shape. This timeless companion distinctly underlines your personal style and impeccable taste. Available colourways: Black, Petrol Blue, Matt Tortoiseshell, Transparent Grey.

ION Ionix

Discover perfection in simplicity. The secret of PHOTON lies in its impeccably balanced eye shape and the transformative effect the frame imparts, creating a profound sense of synergy for the wearer. It seamlessly becomes an integral part of their look, forming a deep connection between the individual and their eyewear. Available colourways: Black Matt, Havana to Beige, Crystal Clear, Grey Tortoiseshell.

ION Photon

Model ORBITAL is inspired by the character-defining eyewear of the 1950s and ’60s, with a new twist on vintage styling and a distinct retro edge. Orbital has a round lens shape and flat top brow with a keyhole bridge. Perfect for those with smaller faces. Available colourways: Black, Matt Tortoiseshell, Crystal Clear, Grey Tortoiseshell.

ION Orbital

Model STELLAR embraces a metropolitan vibe with a unisex sophistication that transcends gender boundaries and constraints. The hot-right-now flat brow radiates confidence and makes a truly striking impression. Each colourway is presented in a slick combination of layered acetates laminated with crystal, and high-grade stainless-steel sides which enhance the precision and sophistication of this exceptional piece. Available colourways: Black and Clear, Blue and Turquoise, Havana and Clear, Red and Clear.

ION Stellar

Model FUSION, the sibling style to Stellar, features a softer, square eye shape and an urban palette of graduated and layered acetates. High-grade, stainless-steel sides enhance the precision and sophistication of this exceptional piece and the hot-right-now flat brow radiates confidence, making a striking and individual impression. Available colourways: Black and Clear, Blue and Turquoise, Mocha to Latte, Khaki.

ION Fusion


About ION Eyewear

Internationally renowned eyewear designer Caron Kraitt has enjoyed a 25-year career creating collections for every sector of the optical market, from mainstream retailers to exclusive boutique fashion houses. After the success of her namesake brand “Caron Eyewear”, Caron has now extended her portfolio to embrace the classic masculine design language, bringing her creative energy to a new community of wearers and delivering a fresh twist in structured styling to confident individuals who are looking for a bolder, more structured look. Proudly presented under the renowned Caron Eyewear umbrella, this new brand embodies our commitment to offering diverse and inclusive eyewear options for all.

Exclusively available through independent opticians, ION Eyewear offers top-grade materials and expertly considered designs that are as wearable as they are striking. But we don’t stop there: with a highly personal approach and UK-based stock, we prioritize excellent service and quality optical design at every turn.

About Caron Eyewear

Exclusively available through independent opticians, Caron Eyewear offers top-grade materials – European acetates and stainless steel with state-of-the-art ION plating – and expertly considered designs that are as wearable as they are striking. But Caron doesn’t stop there: with a highly personal approach and UK-based stock for next-day delivery, Caron prioritizes excellent service and quality optical design at every turn.

OTP Sunwear Spring/Summer 2024

OTP sunglasses for 2024

Westgroupe’s OTP Sunwear Spring/Summer 2024 Collection emerges as a trend driver for elevated eyewear as the temperature rises. The lineup showcases exciting developments in sustainability, like components crafted from biodegradable and recycled acetate. A commitment to inclusivity is reflected in unique styles that celebrate a spectrum of gender expressions. The collection yields a few refreshing surprises as well, from nature-derived color stories to approachable pricing.


Equal parts futuristic and practical, OTPS-2033 embodies the oversized “fashion shield” trend with the reliability of a wardrobe staple. It features TS Lenses and minimalist touches of metal, offered in best-selling Matte Black, Mint, and Goldenrod. Its chic unisex cousin, OTPS-2034, is accented with gold temples. It’s offered in on-trend neutral grey midtones (sophisticated Grey Crystal), gender-inclusive Taupe Gold, and Matte Black. Another practical pick, OTPS-2040 is designed with a thicker rim to allow for a higher RX with a lightweight feel. In hues like Raspberry Rose Gold, it’s sure to turn heads. The entire trio features biodegradable components that will appeal to increasingly eco-conscious consumers—a demographic that’s quickly becoming the majority.


A projected spring and summer favorite, and another style employing biodegradable acetate, OTPS-2035 boasts a conspicuous 90s look. It features a rectangular silhouette and beveled front top, providing an ideal canvas for of-the-moment colors. It’s offered in trending Luscious Red, flashy Cyber Lime, and best-selling Rose Tortoise. A sophisticated and slightly subdued take on the cat eye, OTPS-2038 is inspired by a gender-free silhouette trending among Gen Z. This playful pick is offered in bright Pink, light Taupe, and classic Tortoise. In other words, it’ll be hard to resist collecting them all. With the return of bustling travel, getaway-ready styles are preparing for takeoff, OTPS-2036 has earned a place at the top of packing lists, equipped with biodegradable lenses, a lightweight profile, and comfortable MEM nose pads. Oversized frames protect from the elements while ensuring an A-list-worthy airport arrival (paparazzi not included). Notably, it’s offered in soft, dusty Grape hue that’s quickly becoming one of the season’s most sought-after colors.


When hints of high fashion meet long-studied silhouettes, styles like OTPS-2037 emerge. An easy candidate to become a go-to favorite, it’s crafted with recycled acetate. It features TS lenses and a universal fit. It’s especially striking in Whisky—a classic Tortoise colorway updated with a twist. Eco-conscious OTPS-2039 is a quintessentially cool wayfarer silhouette that tops off influencer outfits with ease. This style features biodegradable components, unique rivets, and bevelling along the front and temples. It’s irresistible in Apricot, a nod to Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s Color of the Year, and is also offered in Chestnut and Grape. Continuing the beveled treatment, OTPS-2041 is a luxurious, runway-inspired silhouette in recycled acetate with TS lenses and trendy colorways. A key palette for the season is Black Rose: a soft pink diffused over a base of black.


The cutting-edge approach of Westgroupe’s OTP Sunwear Spring/Summer 2024 Collection presents on trend, accessible style with an inclusive and sustainable mission, underlined by increased availability. Customers will love selecting the latest statement eyewear while feeling good about their purchase’s positive impact.


About WestGroupe

Established in 1961, WestGroupe is family-operated with over 60 years of industry insight. Their mission is to provide unique and superior quality eyewear for the fashion-focused consumer. WestGroupe is driven by a commitment to excellent customer service and exceptional products.

WestGroupe is dedicated to defining future standards in the optical industry by developing, creating, and supporting innovative products and services that allow our customers to succeed. WestGroupe offers a premium selection of international brands in over 40 countries, including FYSH, KLiiK denmark, EVATIK, Superflex®, and OTP.

Etnia Barcelona Presents The UNDERWATER Campaign

Etnia Barcelona presents its new UNDERWATER campaign, transporting us to a surreal and hypnotic universe that evokes the mystery of the deep sea. Once again, the Barcelona-based brand’s campaign is an exercise in creativity, experimentation, and attention to detail.

In the unexplored depths of the ocean, where even rays of sunlight dare not penetrate, there exists an unknown realm. Etnia Barcelona seeks to unravel the mysteries of the deep sea through a journey of creative and surreal exploration. UNDERWATER recreates an underwater universe inhabited by mystical beings, where flora and fauna mesmerize with the beauty and richness of their colors. Ethereal forms that replicate corals and other marine creatures merge and intertwine with mystical beings that inhabit the depths. Their gentle, undulating movements can be felt enveloping bodies and faces, submerged in the silence of the ocean floor.

Etnia Barcelona UNDERWATER campaign image

Moreover, UNDERWATER is a universe created through artificial intelligence. An artificial intelligence that, however, moves us away from a cold and robotic image to bring us closer to a world where technology merges with nature to create a magical and harmonious environment, respecting every detail. Etnia Barcelona’s new campaign invites us to explore the mysteries of the underwater world while reflecting on the coexistence of human creativity with artificial intelligence to create a surprising world.

Etnia Barcelona Belice
Etnia Barcelona Triton
Etnia Barcelona Ampat
Etnia Barcelona Sunhil
Etnia Barcelona Necora

This surreal universe is also reflected in the designs of the new collection. UNDERWATER includes 22 new models, 18 for prescription and 4 for sunglasses, with variations in color. The collection, inspired by the underwater world, combines a palette of translucent tones, evoking reflections of light in the water, with solid colors inspired by underwater flora and fauna. Furthermore, the glasses bear names related to marine imagery such as Arrecife, Posidonia, Anemona, or Coral, among many others.

Etnia Barcelona UNDERWATER campaign image


About Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona was first born as an independent eyewear brand back in 2001. All its collections are developed from beginning to end by the brand’s own design team, which is fully responsible for the entire creative process. Above all, Etnia Barcelona stands out for its use of color in each and every one of its designs, making it currently the firm with the most color references in the entire eyewear sector. All its glasses are crafted in the highest quality natural materials, such as Mazzucchelli natural acetates and HD mineral lenses. Today the firm boasts a presence in over 50 countries and more than 15,000 points of sale around the world. It operates out of its Barcelona HQ and has subsidiaries in Miami, Vancouver, and Hong Kong, employing a multidisciplinary team of more than 650 people. #BeAnartist is the watchword of Etnia Barcelona. It is a call to express oneself freely through design. Etnia Barcelona embraces color, art, and culture but, more than anything else, it is a name intimately bound to the city in which it was born and has thrived. Barcelona stands for a lifestyle open to the world, nothing more nor less
than a question of attitude.