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Boundless Brussels – Laibach and York

Laibach and York Brussels on image of Brussels

The City of Brussels is the largest municipality and historical center of the Brussels-Capital Region and the capital of Belgium. It is also the administrative center of the European Union. The most common theory about the origin of the name Brussels is that it comes from the Old Dutch bruocsella, meaning ‘marsh’ and home or ‘home in the marsh. The Brussels frame represents a determined, focused, and rebellious spirit.Laibach and York Brussels

Laibach & York new “Brussels” frame represents a determined, focused, and rebellious spirit, and was inspired by the capital of Belgium. It comes in various beautiful colors, like Charcoal, Smoke, and Olive.

Laibach and York Brussels

About Laibach & York Capital collection:

The capital collection is the heart of Laibach & York. These frames are all named after capital cities around the world. With an explosion of colors, it’s made with love for every personal style, women and men.

The Capital collection will fly your style to the next attractive or elegant level. It will make you unique. All these frames are also available in an Ultra Rare edition are made in limited series.

About Laibach & York:

Laibach & York was founded in 2013 and has been bench-crafting eyewear for high-profile clientèle ever since. Founder Blaž Oberč, is an industrial designer with a master’s in eye optics. With a feeling for great design, he perfected his own skill in creating high-end eyewear.

Their goal is to make high-quality eyewear accessible for everyone, with superb design, high-quality manufacturing, and the best fit for your face. With their in-house design team and manufacturing facility, they guarantee excellent quality and provide trendy high-end eyewear.

Their massive stock of both vintage and new acetate, allows them to create eyewear in small quantities, which provides clients the freedom of selecting their own L&Y frame in an amazing diversity of colors. By choosing only the best materials and parts, like Italian cellulose acetate, 3 & 5 barreled hinges, and quadruple polishing for a stunning glossy finish, the end result is a perfect handmade frame, ergonomically designed for superior weight distribution. All Laibach & York frames are created in their own manufacturing facility in Slovenia.

All Eyes On MIDO 2023 International Eyewear Show

MIDO 2023 Milan - Live The Wonder

The 51st edition of MIDO opens this Saturday, February 4th at Fiera Milano Rho, as the international eyewear show welcomes the entire global eyewear supply chain.


  • Just over 1,000 exhibitors
  • More than 150 countries represented
  • 6 pavilions
  • 8 exhibit areas
  • 3 international prizes will be awarded to opticians and exhibitors
  • More than 30 scheduled activities including 3 days of conferences, meetings, round tables, and events
  • More than 250 accredited journalists from around the globe
  • 7 social channels for sharing videos, photos, and posts about the show
  • 1 official TV channel with interviews and in-depth features from the MIDO pavilions
  • 1 B2B digital platform for exploring the news, contacts, and some of the exhibitors’ collections

MIDO returns to the first days of February, a position we can confirm for editions through 2026,” stated MIDO President Giovanni Vitaloni. “This worked in our favor, eliciting a massive response by companies – including the return of industry giants, Asian brands, and the debut of small, independent businesses that have made MIDO their market entry of choice. The first weeks of February are strategic for companies and buyers to operate in a timely manner, getting an early look at the new collections in order to realize a return on investment in the first quarter of the year.


Thanks to its robust international orientation, in 2022 Italy’s eyewear industry, comprising 830 companies and 18,250 employees, performed brilliantly on international markets, but inflation and economic uncertainty had an impact. Based on a preliminary 2022 forecast by ANFAO, Italy’s eyewear production in 2022 totaled €5.17 billion, up 24% from 2021. Exports of frames, sunglasses, and lenses (representing about 90% of industry production), grew 22.5% over 2021, to reach approx. €5 billion. The United States, traditionally the eyewear industry’s primary export market, with a more than 30% share, increased 20.2% compared to 2021. Prevailing concerns for the first half of 2023 are cost increases – in energy, raw materials, shipping, services, logistics, packaging, etc. – estimated to have doubled, on average, compared to the pre-pandemic period. This forces businesses to operate with lower and lower margins, putting the survival of the companies themselves at risk, especially SMEs.


Regarding the former, the MIDO numbers speak for themselves: exhibitors, buyers, opticians, industry professionals, journalists and students are expected from around the world, thanks in part to the invaluable partnership with ITA (Italian Trade Agency) and to the hosted buyers program MIDO has been working on for months.

Many opportunities for debate, reflection, exchange of ideas and interaction are reserved specifically for opticians and buyers. Every year, thousands of Italian and international professionals flock to MIDO in pursuit of the latest innovations and trends in eyewear and, above all, to finalize sales agreements and conduct business. Created just for them is the “How To?” cycle, at OTTICLUB in Pavilion 3, which addresses the practical everyday activities of optical shops with realistic content on different topics, like style consultation, point of sale renovation, marketing, and communication, events as a means of promotion, etc.

Specifically for Italian opticians is the free MIDO train service. Added this year, the stations of Turin and Naples join Rome, Bologna, Florence, and Venice, with stops at Padua, Vicenza, and Verona, to further facilitate the arrival of visitors from across Italy and promote the use of public transportation (sold out in just a few days). Thanks to a partnership with ITA Airways, discounts on flights were also available to those arriving from abroad and, for the first time, special flight packages for those traveling from the United States.

The topic of sustainability is extremely important,” concluded Vitaloni. “We want MIDO to be an opportunity to share experiences with those who are already accomplished in this area. For some time now, many eyewear companies have been active in sustainability projects and we decided to dedicate an award specifically to them. We will present the CSE (Certified Sustainable Eyewear) Award at a special ceremony on Sunday, February 5. At the same time, we know how great an impact large-scale events like MIDO can have and therefore at the recent editions, we have endeavored to reduce not only its environmental, but also its social impact. Among the first results achieved is ISO 20121:2012 Sustainability Certification, obtained at the 2022 edition, certifying the sustainable management of large events. In February we will be evaluated for this year’s edition.”


Kick-off for the show will be on Saturday, February 4, at 10 am at OTTICLUB, in Pavilion 3, with welcome addresses by President Giovanni Vitaloni, along with CEO and  Managing Director of ITA Roberto Luongo, City of Milan Municipal Councillor, Alessia Cappello and  CEO and Managing Director of Fiera Milano Luca Palermo.

The calendar of events continues throughout the three days of the show with business meetings, conferences, and events. Among these is the presentation of the ANFAO Empowering Optical Women Leadership project in support of women on a leadership career path in the eyewear industry. The meeting will be held Saturday, February 4, 10.30 am at OTTICLUB, moderated by journalist Barbara Serra, sponsored by Fondazione Bellisario, and produced in partnership with SDA Bocconi [School of Management]. Sunday, February 5, at 2 pm in the Fashion District square (Pavilion 1), the ceremony for the BeStore Award (for optical shops that offer an outstanding shopping experience and customer service), and the Stand Up For Green award (in its 2nd edition and assigned to the stand most focused on environmental stewardship) and, this year, for the first time, the CSE – Certified Sustainable Eyewear – Award will be presented. Established by MIDO, in partnership with ANFAO and Certottica, it honors sustainability in the global eyewear industry. MIDO President Vitaloni and fashion and lifestyle journalist, Chiara Tronville will host the ceremony.

Saturday and Sunday in Pavilion 1 near the Press Village, a photo set will take visitors and exhibitors “inside” the MIDO 2023 Frames communication campaign.

Many more show events can be found on the MIDO website at

MIDO will be open at Fieramilano (Strada Statale del Sempione 28 -Rho), Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th February from 9 am to 7 pm, and Monday, the 6th February from 9 am to 6 pm.

Avulux and Axon Optics Join Forces

AVALUX frame and lenses

Axon Optics, which has been trusted for over a decade by people seeking to manage the impact of light, will now operate as the online retail division of Avulux.

“We know the devastating impact that migraine can have,” said Dr. Bradley Katz, Founder and Chief Scientist at Axon Optics. “As a science-driven company, it is vital that we offer our customers the latest in precision light management, and that is the innovative technology found in Avulux lenses.”

Avulux lenses block blue, amber, and red light while letting in soothing green light – and research shows that this is more likely than other types of glasses to help people living with migraine. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the Avulux lens technology built into Axon Optics can help people manage the impact of light on their life.

“More than 80 percent of people with migraine are affected by light sensitivity which either triggers or worsens their attacks,” said Dr. Charles Posternack, President and CEO of Avulux. “Both Axon Optics’ and Avulux’s goals are to help people living with migraine and light sensitivity. The Avulux lens is patented and is considered a breakthrough in therapeutic lens technology. Axon Optics has extensive experience in the optical industry and in serving customers with migraine and light sensitivity. With Axon Optics joining the Avulux family, we are able to work together to offer help to people who are living with migraine and light sensitivity.”

In order to offer the best available technology, the company is phasing out the lenses previously sold by Axon Optics, which were based upon the older FL-41 tint. Clinically proven Avulux lenses are now available to customers on the Axon Optics website at Axon Optics offers payment plans and a money-back guarantee.

To learn more about the science behind the Avulux technology, visit

New Divel Lens Campaign Launches at MIDO

Divel will present a new campaign for Mido 2023, inspired by a well-known Italian expression, “gli occhi parlano” (in English, “eyes speak”).  The main characters of the campaign are six young people, each with their own unique personality, and with different passions and different careers, expressed by a specific Divel Italia product.

DIvel Eyes Speak Campaign

The character called Tom, for example, is described by Divel as a starry-eyed history professional who loves rock music and everything vintage, so he wears aviator frames with Divel’s Throwback Bicolor lenses, a new addition to the company’s range of sun filters for this year’s MIDO 2023.

DIvel Eyes Speak Campaign

‘Throwback’ is a collection of sun filters inspired by the fashions of the 1970s and includes the traditional bottle green of classic aviator glasses, the jet black of a vintage typewriter, the tobacco brown of mid-century modern design, and other retro colors.

DIvel Eyes Speak Campaign

The character Eva is portrayed as an infectiously bubbly, professional ballet dancer. Eva is an eternal optimist, almost always in a good mood, and loves spending time with her many friends. She likes to sleep in and if she has an early-morning appointment, she always wears sunglasses and claims they help hide her secrets. She loves protective, oversized eyewear and Divel’s Darkpop lenses, which add a touch of bold color to reflect her personality. Darkpop lenses are another new release for MIDO this year at Divel and are an expansion of the two-tone Bollipop collection. The Darkpop lenses feature hot pink, bright blue, and vibrant orange and yellow paired with darker tones.

At Mido, the full campaign will be revealed with further lens announcements, which will include a line inspired by the Nineties and The Bright Dice collection – an extension of Divel’s LOGOMANIA EVOLUTION line, a union of beauty and technical performance. Visit the Divel website for more information.

World Council of Optometry Global Myopia Management Virtual Event February 16

World Council of Optometry (WCO Myopia Management Event

The World Council of Optometry (WCO), in partnership with CooperVision, a leader in addressing myopia, presents a worldwide virtual event, “Myopia Management: Advancing the Global Standard of Care” Thursday, February 16, 2023.  The complimentary online event features industry experts sharing their insights on the global standard of care and how they have made myopia management an integral part of their work.  Register for the second annual WCO virtual event, delivered in multiple time zones worldwide, at

The World Council of Optometry introduced the myopia management standard of care resolution in April 2021, defining an evidence-based standard of care comprised of the three main pillars of mitigation, measurement, and management.

WCO President-elect Dr. Sandra Block said, “We invite optometrists and other eye care professionals from around the world to attend this virtual event. It will help the listener gain a broader perspective on how to incorporate myopia management as the standard of care in their practices. As myopia has risen to an epidemic level globally, early mitigation, measurement, and management of myopia in young patients can help reduce the risk of serious eye health issues as adults. The World Council of Optometry is grateful to CooperVision for its partnership in this important mission to spread the word.”
The February 16 WCO “Myopia Management: Advancing the Global Standard of Care” virtual event explores the myopia epidemic through real stories told by patients and leading eye care professionals including:

Prof. Seang-Mei Saw, MBBS, MPH, PhD, FAMS is the Distinguished Wallace Foulds Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore, and Co-Chair (Biomedical) of the NUS Institutional Review Board. Prof. Saw is internationally recognized as one of the leading researchers in the myopia field and has made major observations and key discoveries in the field of the epidemiology of myopia, characterizing the environmental, genetic, and anatomical predictors of myopia in children and adults in Singapore and worldwide.

Dr. Kai-yip Choi is a Research Assistant Professor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Optometry. He obtained his BSc and PhD degrees in Optometry in 2014 and 2021 respectively from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He has been providing optometric clinical care in the university clinic since 2014.

Dr. Foo Li Lian is a consultant ophthalmologist with the Myopia Service and Refractive Department, Singapore National Eye Centre, and Myopia Centre of Excellence. Subspecializing in the field of myopia focusing on childhood myopia control as well as refractive and cataract surgeries, Dr. Foo aims to create the next generation of treatment modalities that can halt the relentless march of myopia.

Indie Grewal, BSc (Hons) MCOptom DipTp (IP) Prof Cert Glau FBDO FBCLA is a qualified dispensing optician and optometrist with more than three decades of experience within the optical industry. As well as participating in contact lens clinical trials, he has a special interest in myopia management and multifocal contact lens fitting.

Jessica Haynes, OD, FAAO, FORS, Dipl ABO practices as consulting faculty in the Southern College of Optometry Advanced Care Ocular Disease clinic and as a full-time associate optometrist at Charles Retina Institute. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and the Optometric Retina Society and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry.

Yasmin Whayeb, BSc (Hons) MCOptom is an optometrist and Ph.D. student at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. Her research interests include the progression and management of myopia in children and the choroidal response to optical myopia intervention methods.

Kyle Klute, OD, owns and practices at Good Life Eyecare, a multi-location practice in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, certified by the American Board of Certification in Medical Optometry, and an editor for the Journal of Medical Optometry.

Visit the World Council of Optometry myopia management online resource featuring the standard of care pledge signup page, resolution, and practical tools and information for optometrists at

About the World Council of Optometry

The World Council of Optometry (WCO) is an international membership-based non-profit organization for individual optometrists, industry professionals, and optometric organizations that envisions a world where optometry makes high-quality eye health and vision care accessible to all people. Its mission is to facilitate the development of optometry around the world and support optometrists in promoting eye health and vision care as a human right through advocacy, education, policy development, and humanitarian outreach. To learn more, please visit 

OUT OF To Unveil 2nd Generation Products at MIDO 2023

Out Of Smart Sports Eyewear

After having been awarded the Silmo d’Or in Paris, OUT OF,  the Italian sports eyewear brand, will present in Milan the second generation of its breakthrough IRID electronic lenses. The IRID lenses are now capable of covering filter categories S1 to S3, helping athletes and sports enthusiasts to have an improved and optimized user experience while practicing their preferred sports.

Made in Italy, technology, and innovation are at the core of the new 2023 collection that will be released in Mido. The iconic BOT sunglasses and the ELECTRA ski goggles are both featuring electronic lenses, which are able to perceive the ambient light and instantly adapt to it by getting darker and lighter to always provide the user with the best light filter.

This, in less than a second and without using any battery, therefore avoiding the annoying lag that characterizes the normal photochromic lenses now available on the market. Within the lens it’s incorporated a small solar cell that powers a microchip and a special liquid crystal film. The microchip constantly works to adapt the lens’ tint, covering the whole range that goes from filter category S1 to S3.

Out Of IRID Sunglasses

Both the liquid crystal film and the electronics are perfectly waterproof so they are ready to withstand any weather condition. The only energy source the lens needs is the sun. There are no batteries, of any kind, so the sunglasses and the ski goggles are eco-friendly and can be used like a regular pair: there’s no setup, they never have to be charged and they will never run out of power.

All the models presented by OUT OF are made in Italy and optical lenses can be fitted by opticians with optical inserts. OUT OF distributes worldwide from its facilities in Brescia, Italy.



OUT OF is an Italian-based startup founded by two brothers: a physicist and a product designer. The mission is to create products that through innovation allow outdoor sports enthusiasts to achieve their best results, always pursuing the principles of environmental and social sustainability.


Teachable Tuesday – How To Use The Lensmeter To Read A Spherocylinder Lens

Teachable Tuesday light

John Seegers of Optician Works and Laramy-K, have graciously shared some of their awesome videos with us to share with you. John is one of the best trainers of opticians and his video series has received acclaim from coast to coast, helping thousands of opticians pass certification and licensing exams.

This week’s video is How To Use The Lensmeter To Read A Spherocylinder Lens

For more information or education, visit Laramy-K

Erkers1879 Introduces Four Sunglasses to their Roman Numeral V Collection

Erkers1879 Sunglasses 2023

Broadening their line of luxury sunglasses, Erkers1879 announces the addition of four new sunglass models to their family-owned heritage brand, introducing three women’s and one men’s sunglass to the Roman Numeral V Collection. Handcrafted using biodegradable cellulose acetate, each frame is lightweight, comfortable, and made to last a lifetime.

From the large silhouettes to the thicker rims and temples, the Erkers leaned into 2023’s trend of dramatic oversized eyewear when designing their Winter release. The three women’s sunglasses, Dutchtown, Twin Oaks, and Fox Park, each feature a large square silhouette with rounded edges, creating a dramatic feminine look. Balancing the oversized shapes, each frame is designed in four colors from the brand’s subdued-modern palette, blending neutrals and pastels for a timeless, elegant style.

Erkers1879 FoxPark
Erkers1879 Dutchtown
Erkers1879 Twin Oaks
Twin Oaks

The men’s sunglass, Moline, was specially designed by Jack Erker III for himself to wear. Moline was built with a strong, masculine shape and ultra-thick temples, complemented by natural tones for a bold yet classic look. This model was designed in three translucent colors, Crystal, Whiskey Neat, and Barrel Proof, two of which are new to the brand and exclusive to this model. Contrasting the crystal styles, Moline is also available in Black, designed with a high gloss inside to juxtapose the outside’s silky matte finish.

Erkers1879 Moline

As a family-owned business with 144 years in the industry, the Erkers use even the smallest of details to tell their family’s story. Three authentic stainless-steel rivets can be found on the temples of each sunglass, representing the three Erkers working on the design while also adding durability and strength to the frame. Each sunglass features a light etching of the brand name in the left lens, as well as their year of inception on the right temple jacket. As the first sunglasses added to Roman Numeral V, each temple tip has a gold emblem of the letter V to signify the collection.

About Erkers1879

Erkers1879 is a family-owned heritage brand of premium, handcrafted eyewear. Based in St. Louis, Erkers1879 has been a leader within the optical industry for over 144 years, dedicated to the craft of beautiful, high-quality eyewear. At the start, the Erkers were known for making anything with a lens, though they later turned their focus towards eyewear. The company is now run by the 5th generation of Erkers, Jack III and Tony Erker.

Expanding Gene Therapy for Rare Disease That Causes Blindness

optical journal genetic code graphic

A University of Houston researcher is expanding a method of gene therapy with the hopes it will restore vision loss in Usher Syndrome Type 2A (USH2A), a rare genetic disease. The National Eye Institute has awarded Muna Naash, John S. Dunn Endowed Professor of biomedical engineering, $1.6 million to support her work. 

Usher Syndrome Type 2A, caused by mutations of the USH2A gene, can include hearing loss from birth and progressive loss of vision, prompting retinitis pigmentosa (RP). RP affects the retina, the eye’s light-sensitive layer, leading to a breakdown of cells in the retina which causes blindness. Currently no treatment exists for USH2A. 

Muna Naash, John S. Dunn Endowed Professor of biomedical engineering
Muna Naash, John S. Dunn Endowed Professor of biomedical engineering, is expanding a method of gene therapy with the hopes it will restore vision loss in Usher Syndrome Type 2A.

“Our goal is to advance our current intravitreal gene therapy platform consisting of DNA nanoparticles/hyaluronic acid nanospheres to deliver large genes in order to develop safe and effective therapies for visual loss in Usher Syndrome Type 2A,” said Naash. Gene therapy is the introduction of a normal gene into cells to correct genetic disorders. Intravitreal treatment consists of injections directly into the vitreal chamber of the eye.  

“Developing an effective treatment for USH2A has been challenging due to its large coding sequence (15.8 kb) that has precluded its delivery using standard approaches and the presence of multiple isoforms with functions that are not fully understood,” said Naash, who will also evaluate the long-term efficacy of the best therapeutic platform for future translation to the clinic. 

To rescue vision loss, Naash’s non-viral therapy targets the mutation in usherin, the protein product that causes Usher Syndrome Type 2A. Naash has already cloned two usherin isoforms to be tested with her innovative platform to safely advance gene therapy for USH2A. 

“Understanding which isoforms of usherin are expressed in the retina and the cochlea and what role they play (in contrast to mutant pathogenic forms) is essential in developing an effective gene therapy construct,” said Naash.  

The work will provide a solid foundation for understanding the function of each usherin isoform and developing an effective gene therapy platform to treat USH2A associated visual defects, she said.


About the University of Houston

The University of Houston is a Carnegie-designated Tier One public research university recognized with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter for excellence in undergraduate education. UH serves the globally competitive Houston and Gulf Coast Region by providing world-class faculty, experiential learning, and strategic industry partnerships. Located in the nation’s fourth-largest city and one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse regions in the country, UH is a federally designated Hispanic- and Asian-American-Serving institution with an enrollment of more than 47,000 students.

Giuseppe Pizzuto – Movitra Eyewear | Optical Journal Podcast

Optical Journal Podcast - Optical News With Independent Views

Daniel speaks with Giuseppe Pizzuto, the co-founder and creative director of MOVITRA Eyewear from his studio in Milan, Italy.

Giuseppe Pizzuto - Movitra Eyewear
Giuseppe Pizzuto


Movitra logo
podcast sponsored by IOT