Bollé Safety Launches New Range Of Lens Filtering Technologies

Bolle Superblast Welding

Bollé Safety, the world-renowned manufacturer of safety glasses and goggles, continues its support of workers around the globe with the launch of a new high-clarity lens to protect workers in all conditions, called Comfort Sense Perception (CSP). The new technology is available in seventeen different lens tints and in a wide variety of SKUs, which are adaptive to indoor, indoor/outdoor, and outdoor work environments.

This updated range offers enhanced sight, visual comfort, and definition. The technology shields eyes while boosting eyesight in all light-sensitive scenarios, including UV, glares, LED, welding gas, and low contrast.

“CSP is about more than eye protection. This technology enhances sight, improves visual comfort, and optimizes contrasts,” said Brian Barry, vice president of sales at Bolle Safety. “As a result, precision and productivity are maximized while the perception of the environment is sharpened, reducing the risk of accidents. At Bollé Safety, we are proud to usher in a new era of exceptional visual definition through specially designed tints to protect employees across the globe.”

Bolle Mercuro
Bollé Mercuro

From HD to Polarized—through shades of Amber, Copper, and Welding—CSP lenses also benefit from various coatings such as PLATINUM, anti-reflective, and hydrophilic to ensure the wearer can maximize the full potential of the Bollé Safety technology.

Englobing lenses within Industrial, Prescription, Healthcare, Bluelight, Cleanroom, and Tactical verticals all benefit from the Bollé Safety expertise and from the feedback of millions of professionals across diverse work environments.

About Bollé Safety

Created more than 130 years ago in France, Bollé Safety is the global PPE EYEWEAR SPECIALIST (Personal Protective Equipment). As an international player, Bollé Safety offers a wide range of innovative eye protection products that are comfortable, designed and adapted to each market segment (construction, health, energy, heavy industry, defense, clean rooms, automotive, office automation, etc.), with a growing focus on Eco conception. In more than 100 countries, Bollé Safety equips 20 million workers with products that improve their performance and well-being, from the moment there are risks for the face and the eyes, even in extreme environments. Since 2021, the brand has accelerated its CSR approach. This approach focuses on the measure of its impacts, product, and packaging innovations as well as internal commitments. To learn more please visit:

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