BonLook Acquires Virtual Optical Measurement App EyeMeasure

BonLook, an innovative pioneering unified commerce adopter in the eyewear sector, is proud to announce its acquisition of EyeMeasure, a technological application that obtains various measurements necessary for prescription eyewear purchases. With this addition to BonLook’s existing array of technological tools, the company aims to provide an ever-evolving industry with yet another innovative solution. This new application will blend a suite of optical retail technology products that will be offered to a wider professional public in the next few weeks.

EyeMeasure is a simple application that allows the user to measure pupillary distance (the distance between the center of each pupil) and bifocal segment height. These measurements are essential to a properly adjusted optical product that will meet the wearer’s needs. This technology allows for instant measuring with increased precision when compared to other technologies currently used in the e-commerce sector. The application also includes virtual try-on and frame digitization features that can greatly contribute to a smoother customer experience, replicating to in-person service. This new tool can be used with the iPhone X or more recent versions.

“Innovation is one of BonLook’s core values, and this new acquisition allows us to move closer to our objective of improving eye care service and prescription eyewear purchase accessibility in-store and online. For several months now, BonLook has been working to identify solutions that can address changes in the industry, while developing new technological tools that we will not only be able to use but also share with other players in the industry. We are currently reinventing systems that will allow eye care professionals to gain access to greater potential for expansion in terms of e-commerce and to reach more customers in an innovative and efficient manner,” expressed Louis-Félix Boulanger, BonLook’s Chief Operating Officer, and cofounder.

This strategic acquisition is part of BonLook’s growth plan. In addition to pursuing its sales operations, in-stores and online, the company aims to act as a vector of technological innovation in the field of optics.

The company will enable other businesses equipped with a transactional site to implement the application to take measurements and to access its software development kit (SDK). This will allow partners to develop their own mobile applications and to benefit from the measurement and virtual try-on features. From now on, the EyeMeasure application will be included among BonLook’s services while remaining available to the general public without charge on the Apple App Store.


BonLook offers an innovative sales experience along with products that have style and unfailing quality. Since its inception, the company has aimed to improve the accessibility of prescription glasses with the goal of creating a must-have fashion accessory with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Initially launched online, the company now operates 37 stores in Canada. Today, BonLook defines itself as the ultimate destination to build a covetable eyewear wardrobe featuring styles designed in Montreal.

BonLook can count on the support of different investors, among them Walter Capital Partners, its largest shareholder since 2017. Walter Capital Partners is a private equity firm and part of Walter Financial Inc. Walter Capital invests capital and know-how in established small and medium-sized businesses to help accelerate their growth.

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