Boz 2020 Flair

The distinctive flair of the BOZ collections lies in its incredible diversity. The design is worked with no boundaries in mind, the colors are used without restraint. Elegant to the point of refinement, beautiful and expressive with their decorative graphics and the use of exclusive acetate colors, all of the frames are imagined and fashioned in every detail to give style and character to women who choose BOZ. A flamboyant style, far from all trends, and totally uninhibited!

Eye-shapes with personality, pretty curves, sensual materials, lacquered red and intense colors, couture details, and little naughty touches: the new BOZ collection shows us flamboyant and liberated silhouettes. Designed with a resolute spirit of all-out while under control femininity, the new Boz collection prefers suggestion and refined seduction to shameless display: this intention determined the whole character of the new Boz collection. Looking at these desirable pieces, one can guess iconic ladies’ personalities who by their character, elegance and sensuality marked their time: Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Madonna or Dita Von Teese to only name a few. Our models have captured the seductive power of these glamorous ladies, as strong as they are fragile, as assertive as they are modest.

Carried by Joëlle Rey, our Artistic Director, and Marie Lebon, Designer of BOZ brand, Boz collection plays with the codes of seduction with detailed and deliciously sexy styling, making design and aesthetic research please one another. The strength of bright colors placed side by side, the power of red, high-gloss lacquers, matt finishes combined with intense and luminous shades display new harmonies … so subtle, so powerful and so new! Sophisticated details bring the final touch to the glamourous look of these frames and show the French workshops detailed work: fine metal lace for styles KOKO, KISS, KRISTAL and KIKO, black fishnet patterns for styles KARLA and KELLY, fancy rhinestones reminiscent of Marylin Monroe’s mole for models KATHY and KARYN, eyeliner effect on styles KLARYS, KORALY and KOLEEN, small pendant in the shape of a zipper to accessorize frames KIM, KATELL and KAREN and a glamourous red kiss posed on the temple of each frame.

Boz brand signs a creative and inspiring collection that makes the eyes sparkle and spices up women’s allure. Here are just a few of the divine 2020 collection styles and colors.

Kathy and Karyn

These two frames combined in metal/acetate strike with their fluttering shape inspired by the 60s and their associations of contrasting colors. The choice of pure and intense pigments applied to the metal eyebrows accentuates the glamor style of the models, mixing aesthetic pleasure and visual power. A hidden rhinestone on the temples refers to the mole of Marylin Monroe and gives these frames a touch of sex appeal, always subtle and controlled.


Kim, Katell, and Karen

These extremely thin metal frames inspire a lesson in stripping set around small glamorous, discreet, and appropriate details. A delicate engraving on the rim suggests the striped and metallic effect of a zip closing. While the temples are accessorized with a removable jewel which symbolizes the zipper cursor. The color treatment accentuates the reference to the zip closing and gives the frames a textured appearance that livens up the silhouette.


Karla and Kelly

KARLA and KELLY consist of a thin sheet of acetate slid between two delicately serrated metal fronts. The models are inspired by the veils of hats, here symbolized by the use of a transparent acetate where a fishnet motif appears engraved on the back. An ink embedded in the engraving brings density to the pattern.



Check out the entire BOZ line on the JF Rey website.




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