Brazilian Recycled Sunglasses From Skate Decks

Skate Deck Sunglasses started to show up around five years ago. The early editions were young skateboarders looking for ways to reuse their broken skate decks. As the look evolved several other companies got into the look and many ‘skate deck’ sunglasses started to be mass-produced out of China. The question arises is these really reclaimed skate decks or just a skate deck look.

We ran across a Brazilian company called Recycled Sunglasses on Facebook and fell in love with their Skate Deck Sunglasses. This is not a mass production sunglass if their Facebook pictorial is an indication of their sunwear. This is what they say:

Recycled Sunglasses is a new brand that launches onto the market a collection of frames made of recycled wood from obsolete skate boards. Our small company, which has an informal and personal stamp, features original and exclusive wooden frame models with varied styles and designs. Each handcrafted piece is unique. The lenses are made of polycarbonate -a material that is used in opticians’ shops due to its strength and quality- and provide 100% UV protection.

Our motto is to foster the development of an eco-friendly product.

Via their Facebook page you can follow the manufacturing of the sunglasses. Impressive to say the least.



 Kudos to them, overcoming Brazils problems and trying to make a living using reclaimed materials. We love the look and wish them the best of luck.

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