Breaking News! Hoya Signs as Optical Vision Site Sponsor

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We love making these announcements! HOYA Signs up with The Optical Vision Site! HOYA Vision Care of the Americas makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Eye Care Professionals located within the United States, Canada, and South American countries.

Products Offered :

  • Laboratory Services- 17 Dedicated HOYA Labs plus almost every local lab- check them out on the lab locator.
  • Lenses Single Vision Lenses to Progressives, Hi-Index
  • Coatings- Scratch, AR (Super HiVision)

Personally speaking- I learned the optical business at the HOYA Lab in San Diego- (Actually it was not HOYA Lab then, it was Signet Lab, now Signet- Armorlite, then went to Sierra and now it’s HOYA. OK, many eons ago- but still, I have a special place in my heart for the HOYA Lab in San Diego.

Reference Guide
Reference Guide

What’s On the HOYA Site: :

1.) Lab/ Distributor Locator

2.) HOYA Certified Professional

3.) Online CE through Quantum Optics

4.) HOYA Quick Reference Guide (see above)

5.) Giving Back– Each year HOYA provides a Grant and Scholarship program for the 19 optometry schools in in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Each University will choose a winning case study that prescribes a HOYA product to solve a patient vision problem.  The winner at each school will receive a $1000 grant.  Of the 19 winning case studies, one student will receive a $6,000 scholarship.

What Else is Exciting?: An opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make your practice more visible, more successful and more profitable. Try looking at the  HOYA Certified Technology Expert Program – a program created specifically to reward your commitment to HOYA’s best-of-category lens products and to expand your business. Lots of promotions and incentives to use HOYA Products.

Hoya Honors Program