Breaking News-Zyloware Signs As Sponsor

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Randy Jackson Eyewear

We were so excited when Jamie Shyer called and told us, Zyloware is signing up to be a sponsor! For those who don’t know about Zyloware– they are a true Retro company having been in business for 86 years and still family owned and operated. How many companies can say that! It tells us 1.) The products sells. 2.) Management is doing something right. 3.) They know how to adapt to recessions, wars, depressions and technology- and will probably still be here in another 86 years.

What more can you ask for- Product that sell through!

Here is another little secret- I always go by their booth at Vision Expo-Why- they have great Swag Bags! (we all love FREE STUFF) and you never know who is going to be there signing autographs, Sophia Loren, Randy Jackson, Daisy Fuentes, plus I drool over the Via Spiga shoes!

Products they offer: (and you can order online- website very easy and fast loading!)

The Classics Eyeglass CollectionsThese styles have a long shelf life- meaning they will never go out of style.

Sophia Loren Eyewear
  • Gloria Vanderbilt– Classic styling for everyone.
  • Sophia Loren– One of the classiest woman in the world, and the first celebrity that launched an eyewear line. Great product for multi-focals.
  • Stetson– a name that has been established since 1865.
  • Invincilites – Rimless beta titanium and stainless steel metals.
  • Zyloware ‘Greek’ Collection – Epsilon, Kappa, Phi, Rho and Theta

Hot And Trendy Eyewear Styles

  • Randy Jackson– The ‘Randy Jackson’ on American Idol- The Randy Jackson whom 40 Million Viewers watch weekly. The Randy Jackson who is known for his eyewear. Zyloware and Randy Jackson have paired together to bring updated and hip glasses for men.
  • Via Spiga– Shirley wears her Via Spiga sunglasses all the time! I go and collect a Via Spiga Lipstick holder every Expo.
Via Spiga Eyewear
  • Daisy Fuentes- Fashion designer, movie star, model and activist and Latina Fashion-eye-sta! What a great way to appeal to the Hispanic Market by offering Daisy Fuentes Eyewear!