Breezm Custom Crafted 3D Eyewear

Breezm 3D Eyewear

Breezm is a revolutionary eyewear brand that applies fine materials and advanced technologies to its designs to enable customers to access truly well-fitted eyewear. They endeavor to make an eyewear brand that both allows wearers to incorporate their personal identities into their designs and also provides enough comfort to be worn every day. Thanks to collaborations with creative designers from various fields, they can create glasses for both artistic and commercial purposes, thus expanding the possibilities of eyewear.

Breezm’s business concept focuses on changing the eyewear shopping experience for customers by producing highly customized eyewear (both prescription glasses and sunglasses) that fit customers’ unique face shapes and with designs and colors that can be personalized, feats that cannot be achieved with traditional manufacturing.

Breezm recently announced that they were named a Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for their titanium 3D custom eyewear. They also confirmed their exhibition in the CES 2022 in Las Vegas, from January 5th through 8th, 2022.

Breezm has released a new iOS mobile ap that will help customers around the globe measure their faces and accurately pick eyewear to fit their needs and sense of style. Breezm allows customers to select from over forty designs in fifteen colors with nine temple styles. Once they receive the face data and eyewear selection each consumer submit, they produce each pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses individually using the 3D printer, then provide perfectly fitting eyewear for people even with a face of subtle imbalance or any irregularity.

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