Briot USA, Briot/WECO Canada, and Visionix 2012 North American Sales Meeting

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Briot USA, Briot/WECO Canada, and Visionix recently held their 2012 North American Sales Meeting in Alpharetta, GA.  All three companies’ North American sales representatives, service technicians, administration, and executive management gathered for a two-day session.

Briot Weco Visionix Sales and Management Team January 2012

The goal of the meeting was to celebrate a very successful 2011 and to prepare for several major initiatives in the coming months.

“Our North American Sales Meeting is our opportunity to gather all of our sales people together, celebrate successes, talk strategy and communicate valuable information to the entire group,” said Matt Cevasco, President of Briot USA, Briot/Weco Canada, & Visionix. “We had strong growth across the US and Canada in 2011 and are expecting to increase that growth in 2012.”

The national sales meeting also brought the opportunity to recognize both sales representatives and service technicians for their outstanding dedication and performance.

About Briot USA, Briot/Weco Canada, and Visionix

Briot USA, Briot/Weco Canada, leaders in lens processing technology and Visionix, a world leading manufacturer of ophthalmic and optometric equipment, is dedicated in helping eye care professionals achieve profitability while running a successful practice.  With their innovative solutions and state-of-the art technology, all three companies provide full office integration for both optical and ophthalmology practices.