Buhel BlueTooth Sunglasses x Headphones Raise Over $400,000 On Kickstarter

Can you believe this! Buhel raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter to fund their bluetooth Sunglass Headset. Buhel SGO5 features bone conduction technology that allows you to listen to calls and music with no headsets or earphones, and bi-directional microphone.


Let’s face it earplugs and headphones get lost, broken or they’re just to bulky to carry in your pocket. An innovative design firm is using bone conduction, a revolutionary technology that transmits sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull, in sunglasses. Military applications already use this technology where noise is very high. Consumers will now be able to receive the immense benefits of this technology with Buhel SG05. The sound glasses completely bypass the ear canal by transmitting sound vibrations in close proximity to the temple. In this way users are not only able to hear the sound clearly but also remain full alert of their surroundings, since their ears are free to hear outside noises. You can pre-order Buhel SGO5 saving up to 30% of the retail price. Soon will be available on e-commerce and will be distributed all over the world.

  • Make and receive phone calls via Bluetooth 4.0
  • SG05 fully compatible with iPhone, Android and most Bluetooth devices.
  • Listen to music without earphones or ear buds.
  • Integrated micro rechargeable USB battery
  • Lasts for up to 4 hours of conversation
  • High volume use will not harm the eardrum.
  • The cutting-edge bidirectional microphone is integrated into the bridge of the sunglasses, assuring that the transmission is clear and not disturbed by wind
  • Some users with damaged eardrums can hear sounds provided by the SG05 (i.e. serves as a hearing aid).


The real revolution of Buhel is that bone conduction has been applied to the frames of the glasses. This allows optimum usage for the hearing while the microphone just above the nose, integrated with a noise-canceling system allows perfect hands free communication without distractions. This way the sound produced is free and clear from external disturbances such as wind noise or the like.

About BUHEL/Atellani

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