Buying Social Media Cred

I think most of us know we can’t trust all YELP reviews. In fact if you are a true cynic you probably don’t trust most social media recommendations. Now there is a new e-commerce site called Yuno, in which Yuno rewards consumers for influencing social networks. “As the company’s name suggests, ‘Yuno’ helps the consumer benefit not from what they know, but who they know,” In other words, it is like a pyramid scheme via social media.


How it works, once you have purchased, you share your links via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You get a cash back every times someone in your Yuno network sees and buys the same or related product. You can accumulate unlimited ‘Social Capital’. In fact if enough people buy in your downline, you can almost get the item for free.



The concept is based upon word of mouth marketing via social media. Their vendors include Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Lord and Taylor and more. Of course there is sunglasses.

Just another way to encourage people to buy online.



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