Call Me, Maybe Video – ClearVision Optical Intern Program

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Internships are appropriate in just about any working environment from a small optical practice to a multinational optical company. As with anything there is the good, the bad and the ugly!

Scott Adam’s Dilbert is a satire of what the bad and ugly internship can be.

Dilbert Internship by Scott Adams

But for the good and opti-fun we pick ClearVision Optical who keeps raising the bar. They kept the interns busy this summer with a new approach to promoting the ClearVision intern program! It’s not just another “Call Me, Maybe” video!

The brainchild of ClearVision’s award-winning marketing team, “Hire Me, Maybe” goes one step further than simply lip-synching Carly Rae Jepsen’s widely popular and catchy “Call Me, Maybe.” It infuses thoughtful lyrics, relevant to today’s internship- and job-seeking youth, with the enthusiasm of ClearVision’s 2012 summer interns, who star in the short video.

“Hire Me, Maybe” is a reflection of ClearVision’s innovative internship program, which strives to help students build a great foundation through mentoring, skills enhancement, and hands on work. And, as the song will tell you, an internship at ClearVision is more than just getting coffee and filing papers! No wonder they have been highly noted for their internship programs e.g. on one of the nation’s leading internship websites – One Day, One Internship and Dowling College Internship Program “Employer of the Semester” for the Spring 2010 term.



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