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The answer is “Of course not!” But look at this, what does it say to you?
Funny? Or a sad comment on the consumers' attitude to eyeglasses?
Funny? Or a sad comment on the consumers' attitude to eyeglasses?
Those of us in the industry have many pairs of eyeglasses and usually wear our favorites over and over again but isn’t it great to have a pair handy in every room, car, next to the computer etc., etc.? I even have a favorite pair just for cooking and they stay in the kitchen. If only our customers thought the same way, but why don’t they? Maybe they keep an old pair of readers somewhere handy like in the cartoon above but that’s about it! I don’t think I have so many pairs of eyewear due to the discount pricing I receive, because believe me when I have seen an ophthalmic frame or sunglass I really want, I buy it. I even spent $500 at Vision Expo West on a stock pile of readers for friends and family from Corinne McCormick because I can’t stand to seeing what they dig out of their purses and pockets sometimes. I have sent many friends to my local independent eyewear provider for an eyewear makeover. Lots of my husband’s buddies are now wearing Silhouette frames with progressive lenses and have discarded their old bi-focals in their clunky double bridged frame just because he showed them his and got them interested in the subject. A lot of them are sporting these frames now:

My husband's favorite and frequently recommended Silhouette frame

The main reason I have so many sets of eyeglasses and sunglasses is because of my interest and knowledge about the subject. Unfortunately our industry has not been able to generate the interest in eyewear that other products have. We have great designer names for frames, e.g. Prada, celebrity names like Sean John, major brand names for lenses like Kodak. But still the public is not excited, why? This is a question I would love to hear some answers for. Let me know your thoughts.