Caron Eyewear 2022 Optical Collection

Caron Eyewear - New 2022 Campaign

Caron Eyewear launches its third collection. The independent British brand once more unveils a stunning new season featuring precision lamination in glorious color combinations and stainless steel pieces with distinctively striking features. This exciting collection combines unique creative techniques with classic, golden proportions and the exclusive details we’ve come to expect from this renowned British designer.

Caron Eyewear - Stay True
Stay True

Enhanced by 20 years of optical design heritage, the collection delivers strong personality, considered use of color, and pays special attention to the delicate balance between cutting-edge shapes and true wearability.

Caron Eyewear - You Decide
You Decide

Each piece embodies both artistry and style without compromising on design, making every model a pleasure to wear. Strong silhouettes and refined details add to the glamorous aesthetic.

Caron Eyewear Love You
Love You

Available only in independent opticians, Caron Eyewear combines stylish confidence with creative flair and has become the premier eyewear brand for modern, independent women who know that their eyewear plays a critical role in their look.

Caron Eyewear Call Me
Call Me
Caron Eyewear You Rock
You Rock

About Caron Eyewear

Caron Eyewear is the lovechild of Caron Kraitt. With over 20 years of experience in optical design and a background in optical dispensing, her understanding of balance, proportion, and fit ensures that everything she designs is not just uniquely beautiful, but also exceptionally wearable.

Over the course of her career, she has designed eyewear collections for every sector of the optical market, from mainstream branded collections for international retailers, to limited-edition couture collections for exclusive boutiques and independent brands.

Now she brings her unique skills to her own brand, inspired by modern women who are not afraid to celebrate their natural femininity and beauty alongside their personal strength and independence.

Design is at the core of the Caron Eyewear ethos: how can we enhance and perfect the relationship between the face and the eyewear, between the portrait and the frame, between the landscape and the architecture?

Everything is a source of inspiration: fine arts, cinema, architecture, photography, all manner of products, functional and ornate. All these elements contribute to the process of combining design, ergonomics, and contemporary style.

Caron Eyewear Stay True
Stay True
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