CAZAL Has The Magic Numbers

CAZAL Campaign image 2024

CAZAL just dropped the 2024 campaign. Known for setting standards in the eyewear world, the latest campaign flexes glitz and glamour. Blending heritage and zeitgeist seamlessly, the campaign playfully showcases sophistication and swag – and quite literally sets some grillz on fire with the CAZAL logo and their numbers with attitude.

The campaign is a celebration of individuality and the bold designs that have become synonymous with the CAZAL name and models. Be it legendary frames like the 607s or flaming novelties like 683, 5007, 7107, 8514,9109: No more, nor less. CAZAL has the magic numbers.

CAZAL is more than a brand, it’s a cultural phenomenon. Each model is iconic and reflects the godfather’s ethos: “CAZAL eyewear must be recognizable from across the street” – a testament to the brand’s commitment to extraordinary expression. The 2024 campaign is a powerful manifestation of that, take a close-up look and: Roll to the beat of the funk fuzz. No more no less. Cazal has the magic numbers.

man and woman wearing CAZAL sunglasses 2024 campaign



The credo was no compromises, five models were the starting point and music was the means of transport. Cari Zalloni (1937-2012) was a non-conformist free spirit who constantly reinvented herself with a crazy love of detail and radical maximalism and yet remained true to herself: provocative, uncomfortable, and without the slightest fear of failure. Nothing pleasant comes of this way. Things emerge that are so strong and memorable that they stand the test of time. Cari Zalloni created an extraordinary style that polarized and quickly became a cult in the 80s. CAZAL shaped the typical hip-hop look like no other brand and some of the legendary designs from that time still set the tone today. Glasses that are affectionately called “Cazzy” by their fans – phanatics.

CAZAL Eyewear is Cari Zalloni’s life’s work and legacy. The success of the brand, which is loved by glasses wearers worldwide, is thanks to his talent and passion for eyewear – and his creative genius lives on: The international design team drives the CAZAL identity forward and develops collections that set new standards and immortalizes his signature make. They commit themselves to the values ​​of the charismatic revolutionary with the same passion and absolute self-evidence: HERITAGE – the legacy of strong individuality and personality, DESIGN – details and maximalism, LUXURY – a question of attitude and QUALITY – non-negotiable!, are the unchangeable coordinates by CAZAL.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024