Celebrating Alexander Graham Bell: March 7th First Telephone Patented

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Today March 7, Alexander Graham Bell Patented the first Telephone. Today many people use their telephones as eyewear- headwear, since they can’t keep away from their bluetooths. Telephones today are being used to try on frames, give eye exams and as magnifiers. See Eyewear AppsĀ 

While Lady Gaga made popular on her Telephone Video Telephone eyeglasses, in reality Alexander HiTek out of the UK has a steampunk version of telephone glasses

Where would we be without the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell patented the first telephone March 7, 1876. The first phone call to his assistant was March 10th, 1876. How far have we come?


Lots of ways to reuse those old telephones how about a hat? From Nitin Bal Chauhan