Celebrating National BowTie Day- August 28; Dice Bowties To Wear At Vision Expo

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August 28th is national Bowtie Day and I ran around these cute dice bowties. Ty Shaw or Mr Talented created theses and donates half of his profits to children in Haiti.  as Mr. Talented  says “Life is such a gamble, but everyone is addicted to living.”

Now I am thinking these would be perfect to wear at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas.. But What to Eyewear? with Dice Bowties?

Traditional Dice are Black and White:? Lots to choose from, but our picks are Frieze Frames, Americana collection, which is made in the USA, and really what is more USA than Las Vegas??

Frieze Frames Style Detroit part of the Americana collection which is made in the USA

Die-hard bowtie fans are not just men.. But for those who can’t decide, check out the Tura Humphrey in Black and White.

Tura Style 592121

This happens to be one of my favorite colors of blue.. but a hard color to match, fortunately found Puma Shades, with hot flash mirrored coatings strut through the hotels like a movie star..

Puma Suns

But if you are not wearing hot flashing shades, you can tone it down with this fun uni-sex Tura Humphrey in faded shades of blue.

Tura Eyewear -Style 582115

No matter what, we hope to see you in Las Vegas at Vision Expo West 2012