CES 2018: Innovation Awards Honoree RightEye debuts EyeQ™ System

LAS VEGAS and WASHINGTON, Jan. 7, 2017RightEye LLC, an award-winning technology innovator using eye tracking to revolutionize patient care and vision performance, announced today it will be debuting its new RightEye EyeQ™ system tonight at CES Unveiled Las Vegas at 5:00 p.m. at the Mandalay Bay Shorelines Exhibit Hall in Las Vegas, Nevada. EyeQ gives people a closer look at their health using quick, computer game-style vision tests on an eye-tracking computer. The tests, which only take a few minutes, generate an instant EyeQ Report™ that provides results in an easy to understand format to support discussion with doctors on diagnosis and recommended therapies. The EyeQ hardware was developed by RightEye in partnership with Tobii, the world leader in eye-tracking technology. RightEye has been recognized as an Honoree in the CES 2018 Innovation Awards “Tech For A Better World” category for the life-changing benefits EyeQ provides by delivering earlier assessments of autism, concussions, Parkinson’s disease, reading challenges and more. RightEye will be demonstrating EyeQ during CES 2018, Jan. 9-12 in Booth 43037, Health and Wellness Marketplace, Sands Halls A-D.

“RightEye EyeQ will be a game changer for both the health care and sports industries because it’s the first system of its kind that can generate such amazing insights about the state of a person’s health, vision and performance abilities in this kind of rapid, accurate and objective manner,” said Adam Gross, RightEye CEO and co-founder. “RightEye EyeQ provides actionable intelligence about a person in a matter of minutes in a simple report that makes it easier for everyone to get a baseline snapshot of their health and wellness, and then together with their doctors, or trainers, use that information to guide decisions on therapies and training. The potential for this technology to change people’s lives around the world is incredible and really exciting.”

EyeQ delivers proprietary, cloud-based vision tests to provide information about how a person’s eyes and brain are working together, leading to earlier indicators of and treatments for a broad range of vision, health and performance issues. The tests are delivered through a portable, ruggedized, all-in-one computer with an embedded eye tracker. Following a science-based, metric- drive methodology, EyeQ tests measure and analyze eye movement data and provide real-time reports that reference hundreds of Level 1 peer-reviewed publications on vision and underlying conditions. The reports print in a matter of seconds, giving analyzed data to the user and their doctor or coach in a simple, easy to understand manner so that the information and insights, including treatment options, are immediately usable.

EyeQ tests are available immediately for purchase through RightEye’s cloud-based platform.

Testing and training software programs available include:

  • RightEye Brain Health EyeQ – a series of tests quickly measure and analyze eye movements to screen for brain health issues, such as concussion, stroke, or any other acquired brain injury.
  • RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ – a series of tests that quickly measure and analyze eye movement, processing and motor skills and provide real-time reports and recommendations to improve sports vision with vision training exercises.
  • RightEye Reading EyeQ – a two minute test assesses and analyzes eye movement during reading and provides real-time reports and recommendations to improve reading and learning, resulting in earlier and more appropriate intervention for young readers.
  • RightEye Everyday Vision EyeQ – a series of tests quickly measure and analyze eye movements, screening for binocular vision issues that can affect school, work, sports, driving and reading.
  • RightEye Autism EyeQ – an internationally recognized eye movement test, acquired from researchers at the University of California San Diego’s Autism Center of Excellence, which has been clinically proven to more accurately and objectively identify autism in children 12 to 40 months old.
  • RightEye Parkinson’s EyeQ – a series of tests quickly measure and analyze eye movement related to Parkinson’s and other movement disorders providing real-time reports and recommendations leading to early intervention and improved care and outcomes.

RightEye EyeQ is available to purchase now and will be shipping starting February 1, 2018. Learn more about becoming a RightEye provider today at www.bitly.com/EyeQprovider. For more information about RightEye visit www.righteye.com. Press kit is available at bitly.com/RightEyePress and bit.ly/RightEyeCES2018.


About RightEye

RightEye LLC is a health technology company using eye tracking and gaming to revolutionize healthcare and vision performance through an innovative, new kind of vision test and vision training games. RightEye EyeQ helps health care providers assess concussions, eyesight, brain and reading disorders, and performance issues in patients by following a science-based, metric-driven methodology. Using a cloud-based platform, RightEye EyeQ provides reports within minutes to give doctors an objective, measurable way to view the quality of a patient’s vision and track the success of remedies such as vision therapy. RightEye customers include nationally recognized optometrists, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, emergency rooms, professional sports teams and the U.S. military. For more information, visit www.RightEye.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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