Chalk Up Eyewear Sales

A handful of optical shops feature local artists exhibiting as part of their marketing. It makes perfect sense. Those of us in the optical industry see eyewear as art. Many artisans create wonderful masterpieces in design when crafting eyewear. Why not combine it with art from other genres?

We were very taken by sidewalk art crafted by Chloe Smith for Whelpley & Paul Opticians Webster location, in upstate New York. Optical Manager, Dan Jacob hired Chloe Smith to create three separate chalk murals this summer and the response according to Dan has been amazing. “People have been stopping to take selfies in front of the and on the chalk mural”, according to Dan. “Combined with our in-store promotions, this has been one of our most successful events ever”, he continued.

When a shop steps out of the box and does something different, something unique, it draws attention. Way too many optical shops put up the same POP, the same displays, the same window displays, and they become one of the masses, indistinguishable from another shop down the street or across town. It is those shops we do something different that make a difference.

Whelpley and Paul have been around for over 90 years in the Rochester, New York area. They appear that they are not one to rest on old reputations or old ways of doing business. Hiring an artist to spend a few hours creating something outside your store that turn the heads of passersby has increased their sales and would probably do the same for many an optical shop willing to think outside the box. The cost of hiring Ms. Smith was $500 per event for the three separate murals. Check out some of the photos of the art for yourself.