Charmant Group and Esprit Celebrate 20-year Collaboration

ET 17432_5382014 marks a milestone in the long-standing cooperation between leading international eyewear manufacturer Charmant Group and global fashion brand Esprit. This year, both companies celebrate the 20th anniversary of their successful licensing collaboration – a two-decade period that has witnessed the development and worldwide sale of an extensive line of superior Esprit-branded sun and optical frames.

Featuring a current collection worldwide of more than 130 sunglasses and 150 optical frames for adults and children, the Esprit fashion frames by Charmant are synonymous with the high quality and great value that both companies strive for. As one of the leading companies in ophthalmic eyewear and sunglasses, Charmant Group enjoys an enviable reputation in its industry for top product and customer service standards. Furthermore, Charmant’s commitment to innovation and smart on-trend eyewear has seen it win accolades for design and contributes to its high ranking amongst leading international eyewear companies.

Esprit shares the same high quality standards as Charmant and enjoys a sterling reputation in world fashion. As an international brand, founded in the late sixties, it continues to espouse the sunny Californian attitude and style of its San Franciscan heritage in looks that are elegant, casual, and natural. Esprit fashion is always contemporary while managing to convey chic classic appeal. High-quality tailoring and value for money are mainstays of the Esprit philosophy and this, together with its relaxed looks, have made it a fashion favorite for millions since its early days.

Esprit’s collections are available in over 40 countries worldwide, in more than 1,000 Esprit stores and over 9,000 retail points including franchise partners and in department stores. Esprit sunglasses can be found internationally in Esprit stores and retail points as well as extensively in optical stores.

“We are pleased to look back on a successful twenty-year-long collaboration with our license partner Charmant who shares the Esprit vision of quality and style. This partnership is based on the mutual understanding of the Esprit values and the translation of the brand core into Esprit sun and optical products.” says Maria Pambori, VP Head of Global License / Product at Esprit.

President and CEO of Charmant Group Masao Miyachi added, “A 20-year co-operation is unique in our world and reflects Esprit and Charmant’s commitment to quality and endurance in our partnerships as well as in our products. The success of our business relationship also demonstrates expertise in our relevant fields and our customers’ continued devotion to great products.”

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