Charmant Renews ELLE Eyewear License

Lagardère Active Group, the brand owner of the internationally renowned ELLE brand, and Charmant Group, the globally acknowledged Japanese eyewear company, are celebrating their 20th anniversary of a land-marking co-operation of the successful establishment of the ELLE eyewear brand. They also announce the early renewal of their global licensing partnership.

Charmant manufactures and distributes sunwear and optical frames worldwide. The ELLE Eyewear collection has been continuously developed in line with the values of the ELLE brand. Today ELLE Eyewear stands for a contemporary and modern product line that offers top quality and best value for money. The brand is designed for eyewear lovers with a positive can-do attitude and a smart approach to life.

Best of Paris – The collection is inspired by the Parisians’ lifestyle. Sensual and elegant, ELLE breathes lightness and conveys French chic. With Charmant Group being a pioneer in the research and development of new technologies in the optical industry, ELLE Eyewear uses state-of-the-art material. Recently, the portfolio has been extended to include lightweight TR90, PES and Ultem material, providing additional wearing comfort.
Seasonal style and trend colors – The comfortable and light frames are always available in seasonal trend colors and shapes. The inspiring ranges vary from simple to colorful to playful with a touch of elegance, reflecting seasonal fashion and styles.

“Charmant has been dedicated to establishing an individual brand entity for ELLE Eyewear and has successfully made it unique in the market. We are very pleased to continue our long and fruitful partnership and are looking forward to our future collaboration”, says Masao Miyachi, President and CEO of Charmant Group. “ELLE stands for urban chic and feel”, adds Fabrice A. Plaquevent, Chairman & CEO of Lagardère Active Enterprises. “During our 20 years of working together, Charmant has epitomized this idea perfectly in the ELLE Eyewear brand.”

ELLE Eyewear is available at major optical stores and selected retail points throughout the world.

About Charmant Group:
For over fifty years, Charmant Group has been renowned worldwide for its pioneering work in the research and development of new technologies in the optical industry. By striving for perfection and for the uncompromising high quality of its products, the Japanese company has developed into one of the most important producers and providers in the highly competitive international ophthalmic optics market. With its goal to unreservedly fulfill the wishes and demands of its customers, Charmant can always be depended on for the highest quality awareness and outstanding service. This engagement and this passion are clearly seen in Charmant Group house brands as well as licensed brands. Thanks to its expertise in the production of high-quality spectacle frames and its comprehensive global sales network in over 100 countries, Charmant Group is greatly respected as a reliable business partner.

About ELLE:
With 47 editions in the world and 21 million readers worldwide, the ELLE magazine is the leading reference for fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The first edition of the ELLE magazine has been launched in France in 1945.

ELLE is also a Parisian sparkling and dynamic brand that doesn’t take itself seriously, democratizes fashion and enhances woman’s position in the society, as in every aspect of her life. That special relationship with independent, young and open minded women around the globe has been developed into a collection of licensed products. These unique collections and services developed locally thanks to ELLE brand Licensing programs operated by Lagardère Active Enterprises* offices, are available in a selective distribution network.

*Lagardère Active Enterprises is the dedicated business unit of the Lagardère Active Group running the non-media brand extension worldwide. The ELLE brand is owned by the Lagardère Active group based in France.


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