CHARMANT Titanium Perfection SS 2023

CHARMANT Titanium Perfection SS 2023 blue frames

For passionate glasses wearers who insist on the very best, CHARMANT Titanium Perfection is the premium eyewear of choice. Enduring and elegant, and with a sophisticated design aesthetic, these eyeglasses are a testament to the exceptional quality of their titanium make-up and the high-tech engineering proficiency applied in the creation of each remarkable frame.

New collection models embrace the clean style and technically advanced character of the brand. Thin lines are crafted into modern geometric and curved rimless, semi-rimless and full-rimmed expressions. Temples are stylishly creative and intricately detailed with interior design, architectural, and classic jewelry inspirations. Enticing color selections finish each look, with vivid and tasteful, on-trend, and classic shading on men’s and women’s frames.


CH29834 / CH29835

CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29834

Modern love: arched temple definition with clean parallel lines

 Subtle flourishes enhance the premium simplicity of these modern women’s frames. The architecturally inspired end pieces feature an arched form with eye-catching parallel lines. The hexagonal look in beige or gold (CH29834) delights with pink, grey, blue or green rim accents. For a softer impression that elevates the face, this metal-toned contoured model (CH29835) with blue, beige, black or red accents makes a charming accessory.

CH29836 / CH29837 / CH29838

CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29736
CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29837
CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29738

Playful femininity: jewelry-inspired temples and vibrant shading

Take the elegant simplicity of a high-quality titanium frame and marry it with a jewelry-inspired, interlinking temple for a chic and feminine eyewear look.

A large, on-trend pantos model (CH29836) wears rich metallic tones with blue, black, pink or grey temple effects. Match your energy with the dynamic vibe of this unique square-shaped nylor style (CH29837). These glasses deliver lightness and drama all at once: the spare front contrasts beautifully with vivid red, rose, pink, and cool blue tones, and striking color interplays on temples. This rimless frame leaves only the faintest impression on the face (CH29833). Silver, gold, beige and red tones are picked up on the bridge and ornate ringed temple. Selected models feature two-toned temples.


CH29735 / CH29736

CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29735
CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29836

Modest, relaxed eyeglasses with design-led temple formations

 These attractive men’s frames are crafted from superior titanium, ensuring first-class wearing comfort and durability. Inspired by modern interiors, elegant colour contrasts highlight the complex design-led temple and end-piece structure, which features an understated cutout.

This popular rectangular model (CH29735) looks naturally handsome on most men’s faces and is available in timeless black, grey and rich dark brown. For a gentle statement, this soft squared look (CH29736) lifts the mood in black, grey and navy.

CH29737 / CH29738 / CH29739

Dynamic hinges and temples showcase design and technical dexterity

CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29737
CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29738
CHARMANT Titanium Perfection CH29739

The technical dexterity and design mastery applied in the creation of CHARMANT Titanium Perfection eyewear never fails to amaze. These new men’s styles have that high-tech X factor in spades thanks to the unique look and construction of their hinge areas and temples.

This milling model (CH29737), in masculine blue, black, grey or khaki, has firm contours that make a bold impression. Here, the very modern temples feature a diagonally designed hinge area that adds a dynamic note to the calm frame vibe. For a lighter look, these semi-rimless eyeglasses (CH29738) leave a charming accent in navy, black, blue and khaki. A geometric color flash embellishes the diagonal hinge area and temple. For a more edgy style, this men’s model seamlessly unites a spare, rimless front with high-tech floating temples and rich two-tone coloring (CH29739). Sophisticated shades of gold, black, blue, and grey complete this premium men’s frame.

About CHARMANT Group

For 65 years, CHARMANT Group has been renowned worldwide for its pioneering work in the research and development of new technologies in the optical industry. By striving for perfection and uncompromising high product quality, the Japanese company has developed into one of the most important producers and suppliers in the highly competitive international ophthalmic optics market. With its goal to unreservedly fulfill the wishes and demands of its customers, CHARMANT can always be depended upon for premium quality awareness and outstanding service. This engagement and passion are clearly perceived in both CHARMANT Group house and licensed brands. Thanks to the company’s expertise in the production of superior spectacle frames and its comprehensive global sales network in over 100 countries, CHARMANT Group is greatly respected as a reliable business partner.

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