Christian Roth and Eric Domège Launch OPTICAL AFFAIRS Website

OPTICAL AFFAIRS Website With E-commerce

Celebrated luxury eyewear designers Christian Roth and Eric Domège of Optical Affairs launch their e-commerce platform–more like a gallery and not just another online eyewear destination–with curated rotating drops of objects of desire, linking the past, present and future through an eclectic assortment of iconic Optical Affairs eyewear dating back to the 80s and 90s, rare vintage sunglasses, and photography and fine art pieces from around the world collected by the creative duo for the past four decades.

The first drop of 27 objects feature original fine artwork from renowned global artists like a signed and dated 1992 Kenny Scharf piece, a signed 2003 Ben Vautier “Amour Noir” crystal sculpture, a commissioned 1991 Christopher Makos diptych lithography of the brand’s iconic Series 5555 sunglasses, and an original surrealist 1999 Jean-Michel Folon bronze sculpture, to name a few.

“The launch of our website and shop celebrates the trajectory of our long-standing career of four decades in eyewear and invites the design, art, and photography that have also been part of our world along the way for a unique online experience with focus on newness and altruism,” said Christian Roth.

The shop serves as a vehicle for goodwill, where 25% of proceeds from the first drop will go toward Ukraine-based Voices of Children Foundation, an organization founded in 2015 providing non-stop direct aid to children and families in the region affected by the war through emergency psychological resources, assistance with the evacuation process, and fighting against the trafficking of children refugees.

“The war and tragic situation in Ukraine poses an immediate threat to children as they suffer both physically and psychologically,” said Eric Domège. “Our personal and company’s values have always been rooted in the power of art as a tool to create global, positive transformative change.”

Children are dependent on the care, empathy, and attention of adults who love them, and it is a tragic reality that a certain proportion of war-affected children will lose all adult protection. “It’s very unfair that children in the 21st century have to go through this situation,” said Lena Rozvadovska, founder of Voices of Children Foundation.


About Optical Affairs

Designers Christian Roth and Eric Domège met in Paris, reconnected in New York, and in 1983 founded the eyewear brand Optical Affairs. They were quickly hailed by the fashion community as pioneering fresh talents that would go on to change the course of luxury eyewear with their unique point of view stemming from a myriad of historical and cultural influences. Their iconic designs have been depicted on the covers of fashion’s most esteemed publications from Vogue to Women’s Wear Daily, shown on catwalks of the most talented international designers, and spotted on trendsetters, fashion icons, musicians, artists, celebrities, and royalties. In 1990, Christian Roth and the brand were inducted into the Council of Fashion Designers of America–a first for an eyewear designer–and he became a founding executive member of Eyewear Designers of the CFDA (edCFDA) in 2014.

The subversive legacy that Christian Roth and Eric Domège have forged for almost 40 years has never been more relevant than it is today as a new generation rejects the racial, gender, and class labels that once confined designers and their customers. Today, the Optical Affairs name has become synonymous with luxury eyewear featuring innovative silhouettes, techniques, colorations, flawless design, and craft. Now based in Miami, Optical Affairs was reactivated in 2022 to create a platform for art and design.


About Voices of Children Foundation

The Voices of Children Foundation based in Ukraine has been helping children affected by the war since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2015. The organization provides psychological and psychosocial support to children and helps them overcome the consequences of armed conflict. Voices of Children also helps families cope with everyday difficulties, including the treatment and rehabilitation of children, and assistance in the evacuation process. The foundation’s values are to respect a child’s dignity and rights; to understand and allow the needs of every child to be heard; and faith in getting the best results with help of partnership and mutual aid.

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