Christmas Season Will Shine With WooDone Eyewear

Handmade by artisans with South Tyrol wood, WooDone eyewear is produced out of one piece of wood. Over sixty processing steps guarantee a product that is highly refined in every detail, with the utmost quality and a frame that weighs just 13 grams.
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For the Christmas season, WooDone frames will be dressed with a “Bling” special coating which make them sparkling!

*Light Bling* and *Dark Bling* from *Dolomite* collection are covered with Galena, a typical stone from Dolomiti Mountains which is reduced into dust and put on the surface of the frame as a special coating, conferring the spectacular sheen of quartz which lights up with thousands of reflections. The beauty of the stone enhances the power of wood to create a precious fashion accessory whose effect is truly spectacular.

The models are available with two coatings, glitter/light (Light Bling) and dark/black (Dark Bling), which is a rarer version of the Galena stone.


SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024