Christopher Cloos Announces Tom Brady as Global Brand Ambassador And Collection

Christopher Cloos, a leading maker of premium, timeless, and elegant eyewear, has announced a partnership with six-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady that includes the launch of a Cloos x Brady exclusive eyewear collection.

The Cloos x Brady collection, featuring blue light glasses and sunglasses, is inspired by the quarterback’s taste for minimalistic, timeless designs and a holistic approach to health and wellness. Each frame in the line is made from biodegradable material, making them environmentally friendly as well. His passion for craftsmanship provided an opportunity for a collaborative design process, working closely with the Christopher Cloos team to create a stylish product with added purpose.


“Tom Brady’s commitment to excellence on and off the field is inspiring. We are proud to partner with a true champion as we grow our presence in the United States and offer consumers an eyewear collection reflective of the qualities that give Tom and the Christopher Cloos brand an edge over the competition,” said Julius Langkilde, CEO of Christopher Cloos. “During the collaborative design process, Tom expressed his desire to create a line that had added health and wellness benefits, both for individuals and the environment. We were able to bring his vision to life with frames made from biodegradable materials and blue light glasses that protects vision and sleep.”

“Christopher Cloos’ commitment to health, wellness, and sustainability – without sacrificing style – really resonated with me,” says Brady. “I love their commitment to excellence and discipline to make things happen. I’m proud of the partnership and what we have been able to create together with the Cloos x Brady collection. Not to mention I love wearing them and hope everyone will too!”

Drafted by the New England Patriots in the second-to-last round of the 2000 NFL draft as the 199th pick, Brady won six Super Bowl titles with the team – more than any other quarterback in NFL history. Brady is the first player in NFL history to accumulate 80,000 total yards, holds the most game wins of any quarterback, the most consecutive division titles and the second-most career touchdown passes of any player in history. After 20 record-breaking seasons with the Patriots, he is taking his immense talents to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and will serve as their quarterback this upcoming NFL season.

The Cloos x Brady Sunglass collection comes in four Christopher Cloos signature colorways at launch – Noire, Espresso, Grey Tonic, and an all-new Tokyo Tortoise. The frame has a round, minimalistic, and timeless shape.

The Cloos x Brady Blue Light collection is available in the same colorways. Blue Light from screens can cause headaches, reduced vision, eye strain, and insomnia. As someone who is constantly watching film at the stadium, practice facility, on the road, and at home, Blue Light protection lenses were a critical addition for Tom.

Each frame across the Cloos x Brady line is made from biodegradable materials and comes in exclusive, signature packaging. The inside of each case features six rings, a not-so-subtle nod to the number of championships the quarterback has won over the course of his career. The cleaning cloth includes a special message from Tom to consumers, while “Christopher Cloos” and “Tom Brady” are emblazoned on the inside of each frame.



Originally founded in 2017 at the Paloma Beach Club in the South of France following an iconic meeting with a charismatic man from Monaco by the name of Christopher Cloos, the Danish eyewear company has been expanding quickly and cementing themselves as one of the fastest-growing eyewear companies in the Scandinavian region.

With timeless and minimalistic designs, albeit with a modern touch, the Danish company constantly reminds themselves and their audience about their original meeting with Christopher Cloos by incorporating the ideals of the South of France into their products and visuals.

Having traveled around the globe to find the best materials, the company has ensured a first-class customer experience with everything from product to packaging. Operating from two main offices in Europe and New York, Christopher Cloos is continuously expanding with recent launches in Sweden and Germany, while maintaining their biggest market in North American. Christopher Cloos eyewear is available in over 500 stores globally.

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