Ciao Bella!

As Italian style icons among the corrective spectacle models, Sonia and Giovanni are united by their passion and relaxed attitude, and an unmistakable air of the dolce vita — Tutto bene nella bellissima Italia? Using the finest of oil extracted from the castor oil plant, these two styles are made of the sustainable material naturalPX and impress with their eye-catching mix of classic and modern.

Sonia by neubau

La bella Sonia embodies Italian sophistication. This model makes a fashionable statement with the curved and playful contour of its upper frame. Evoking the glorious eighties in Italy, it is available in the two striking color combinations ruby red matte with gold and lavender matte with eclectic silver.

Giovanni by neubau

Il bellissimo Giovanni is giving a whole new meaning to Italian extravagance! With its oversized design, this unisex model exudes an exciting aviator look. Its individuality and unique aesthetic are underlined by a mix of premium materials. A striking key detail of the frame is its iconic double-bridge and the color combos of denim matte with graphite and dark chocolate matte with gold.

Italy is the epitome of sophisticated style and design and Sonia and Giovanni are flying the flag with their classic, yet modern extravagance. A unique design element of the frames is the hinge on both sides with integrated logo and lettering. Another aesthetically pleasing detail is the needle integrated into the temple arms, which shimmers through the surface material. This feature makes them easy to adjust. An intricate blend of tradition and craftsmanship with a hint of Italian dolce vita rounds off these new styles by neubau eyewear.

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