ClearVision- Great Parties- Great Optical Swag Bags!

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Josh Meisrow (Vision West) David Friedfeld (ClearVision)

This is the 2nd year, that we have had the opportunity to attend parties given out by ClearVision. When they put on a party, they do it right. Unfortunately my pics didn’t turn out too well.

Friday nite- was the 60th anniversary party- major grazing grounds for those of us who love to eat! The food was so good! Met great people, had a lot of laughs- and watched that dynamo Mimi Friedfeld and hoped that I will have as much energy and life as she does!

Then Saturday nite was the BCBG party- which all BCBG products are 30% off.

Shirley picking out her next BCBG outfit!

It was totally packed with people- of course the BCBG product is so great- could have bought out the store! Fortunately I got distracted by the Fabulously charming Fabio looking photographer!

I drooled all over the turquoise purse in the back!

Swag Bags: They always have the best swag bags- At the BCBG party- stainless steele travel mug and chocolate (always my favorite)

Show Swag Bag:- Beach Towel,  IZod silver cuff links, in an absolutely great reusable and cute tote bag with something else.

The moral of this story- Buy from ClearVision, go to Expo and make sure you get invited to their party, get cool product, fun swag bag, gain 5 lbs  and have a great time!