ClearVision Optical Adds New Anti-Fog Display Kit

ClearVision Anti Fog

In response to the continued demand for anti-fog cloths, ClearVision is excited to announce the availability of a new Anti-Fog Display Kit.  The Anti-Fog Display Kit was designed to hold 72 individual packages in the smallest footprint possible, ideal for retail checkout areas in dispensaries.

The Display Kit includes 96 individually packaged cloths with a free display.  Purchasing the display kit not only provides eyecare professionals with a top of counter display to easily sell cloths at retail, but the cost drops each cloth to $1.99 wholesale allowing for an increased margin for profitability.

“When we first added anti-fog cloths to our PPE collection the response was so positive that we realized there was an opportunity to be able to further support the eyecare professional at retail” stated Product Development Manager, Cathy Kaye.  “The display was developed to provide an easy solution to display and sell the cloths at retail.”


Display Features:

  • Holds 72 anti-fog lens cloth packages
  • Lightweight, easy to set up
  • Area for in-store retail pricing
  • Small footprint: 6.95” w x 5” d x 7.25” h
  • Allows for easy upsell to all your patients

ClearVision Anti-Fog Display Kit

Anti-Fog Cloth Benefits:

  • Cloths prevent lenses from fogging up for
  • 24-72 hours, by simply wiping lenses
  • Developed using exclusive anti-fog molecules in the cloth material
  • Reusable up to 400-600 times
  • Works on all lenses and AR coatings
  • Multi-use: Also works on camera lens, sport goggles, safety goggles, binoculars and more.
  • Eco-safe

Due to the discounted pricing the Anti-Fog display kit and restocking bundles are excluded from all other discounts, sales, and promotions.


ClearVision Optical customers can place orders for PPE supplies on the company’s website, Non-ClearVision customers can place orders for PPE supplies through the company’s affiliate website, Store for PPE.


ClearVision is continuing with its seasonal prints to keep offices fashionable and fun.  The latest seasonal pack consists of a floral design and fun & sun design, and if you look closely, they are actually glasses incorporated into both designs. ClearVision will continue to add new seasonal packs designs throughout the year.


  • Disposable Protective Face Mask
  • Box contains 25 of each pattern
  • 3 Ply Material: Non-woven fabric, High-Density Filter, Inner spunbonded skin layer
  • Odorless, soft and skin-friendly
  • Soft nose piece bar
  • Soft Elastic Earloop
  • Color: Color: Black with Floral Print and Blue with Sun and Fun Print

ClearVision seasonal masks



About ClearVision Optical

Founded in 1949, ClearVision Optical is an award-winning leader in the optical industry, designing and distributing eyewear and sunwear for many of today’s top brands. ClearVision now also procures and distributes personal protective equipment, safety equipment, and other high-quality health supplies. A privately held company, ClearVision is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. ClearVision’s collections are distributed throughout North America and 20 countries around the globe.

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