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Optometry Cares Named Recipient of Cleinman Performance Partners 2016 Fundraising Proceeds

Oneonta, New York: Cleinman Performance Partners, North America’s leading optometry consulting think tank, has selected Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation as the national beneficiary of their 2016 fundraising efforts.

Each year, Cleinman Performance Partners spearheads several fundraising campaigns to benefit both national and local charitable organizations that support the advancement of vision health and education. Through direct support, client contributions and strategic partner grants, the firm is able to provide significant financial support to critical vision care and other humanitarian organizations. In the past four years alone, the firm and its clients have contributed over $200,000 through various Cleinman-led fundraising initiatives.

“It is our joy to assist the profession through charitable giving,” states Alan Cleinman, Founder and CEO. “We are proud of the fact that our clients and partners reach deep and often to invest in these efforts to support worthy causes in the field of vision health.”

Alan Barker, OD, President of Optometry Cares said, “We are thrilled to learn of the Cleinman organization’s commitment to the work of Optometry’s charity and appreciate their work on behalf of the profession.”

Optometry Cares – The AOA Foundation operates several mission-critical programs that further the cause of vision care. They have improved the quality of life for millions of children, students, and adults with their support in disaster relief, vision care for infants and children and underserved individuals, optometry scholarships, and public vision education. “Optometry Cares is able to continually work to expand access to quality vision care because of the generosity of individuals and industry allies like Cleinman Performance Partners,” says Allan Barker, O.D., and President of the Board of Optometry Cares. “We exist because you exist.”

Recent past beneficiaries of charitable contributions from Cleinman Performance Partners fundraising campaigns include Optometry Cares, Foundation Fighting Blindness, Optometry Giving Sight, and the Leader Dog Program.  In addition, the firm makes direct contributions to numerous local charities designated by the firm’s clients.

About Cleinman Performance Partners, Inc

Founded in 1989, Cleinman Performance Partners, Inc. is the leading business development consultancy for larger private optometry practices. The firm provides business solutions and education in such areas as business development, leadership development, organization and structure, people development and all types of business transactions. The firm’s mission is “Transforming lives through recognized and realized possibilities.” In 2000, the company launched its core client development program, Cleinman Performance Network, a business development wisdom-sharing think-tank for North America’s leading independent optometry practices.

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