Coffee Cake For The Eyes – Ochis

In a world of fast technologies and disposable everything that create mountains of garbage, bringing us ever closer to an environmental disaster, an optical company out of Kiev is making a small dent by creating eyewear out of coffee cake. No, not the Entemmans kind of coffee cake, but the coffee cake made from recycled coffee beans, flax, and natural oils to create a biopolymer that is completely biodegradable.

Ochis coffee grounds and flax frames

Just as important is Ochis Eywear is comfortable and lightweight. The glasses comfortably fit the nose thanks to ergonomically bridge and the radial bend perfectly follows the shape of your face. All these features make the glasses maximally comfortable for you. These sunglasses feature a cellulose triacetate Polarized lenses with UV-filter and anti-scratch coating.  As a result, you get the best eye protection from Sunlight and 4 colors to choose from.Ochis frames


Ochis Eyewear is handmade following 39 different operations to produce eyewear that looks good, wears well and because it’s made primarily of coffee, smells good too. They are coated to make them water-resistant so you can get out and do all your favorite activities with no worries. Should you lose them along the way, you needn’t worry about the planet. The glasses are totally natural and safe for you and the planet. They degrade 100 times faster than ordinary plastic glasses. If you put them in soil or water for a long time they turn into natural fertilizer for new plants.


Check out their new Kickstarter campaign today.


lifecycle of Ochis frames

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