Coffee to Couture

Today being Earth Day, we thought we would take another look at these beautiful eyeglasses and sunglasses from Vinylize made from recycled aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules. Environmentally friendly and sure to add a little wake-up mojo to any wearers smile.

Most of us are familiar with the plastic coffee pods sold under the Keurig brand in the US. Over 10 billion plastic coffee pods are produced in the US every year. That’s enough pods to encircle the earth over 10 times. Technically the pods can be recycled, however, practically they cannot as they are made from 4 layers of different plastics making the separation and ultimate recycling process unduly expensive and cumbersome. Keurig is said to be working on making pods that are recyclable or even compostable, as are other companies, but as of yet haven’t brought them to market in any significant manner.

Vinylize/Nespresso eyewear is a wonderful and fashionable first step in reusing just a fraction of the coffee pods out there, but it is a step forward and we applaud that, especially today.

We applaud the dozens of companies out there who are trying something different, designing something different, making something different, from the things we so easily throw away in today’s society.

Happy Earth Day to all and here’s to more recycling and reusing to make exciting eyewear!


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