Concrete Way Of Selling Eyewear

JINS, the Japanese eyewear giant with over 450 stores worldwide recently opened a new store in the Shangai World Financial Center. We are always enamored with quality design, whether it’s a new lens technology, a distinct new frame, or a great new store. The new JINS sore in Shanghai more than qualifies for unique design in an eyewear store.

Before you yawn about a new eyewear store half a world away, take a look. Designed by Tokyo based architect, Junya Ishigami, this unique store exists in a 2nd floor public corridor but is a world unto itself with five cantilevered concrete counters measuring anywhere from 26 to 39 feet long, where astonishingly the only part of each counter touching the floor, are their shadows.

Each concrete counter is held in place by a self-contained prestressed system of H-beams that connect ot other H-beams that are embedded into the walls, and in turn, welded to an expansive steel sheet that sites on top of the entire shop floor. All this to hold up these 10-inch thick poured in concrete counters holding well over 1000 frames.

The entire store is painted a chalky white with exposed pipes, HVAC and lighting all painted to match, allowing the eyewear to be the stars of this wonderfully unique design. We would love to see this store in person but will have to do with the photos for now.

What are your thoughts about this design?


images by eiichi kano, courtesy of JINS





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